Three brilliant ways to increase your mailing list

Three brilliant ways to increase your mailing list
Unfortunately, people are getting more and more reluctant to hand out their email address. They are afraid of spam and already get too much email to sign up for another list. So how do we build our list? In order to share their email, your website …

8 Ways to Win Over an Investor
These tests may be as simple as gathering a group of friends and gauging their willingness to pay for your product or service, or setting up a landing page to see if people sign up for your company's mailing list. Make your tests simulate reality as …
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10 Things Every Retailer Should Be Doing to Survive and Thrive
Build a Brand. What brand means the most to you: the brands of products you sell in your store? The answer is: "No!" The most important brand to you should be the brand of your store. A customer can buy your products almost anywhere, anytime. She will …
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30 Ways to Save $1000 on Holiday Gifts This Year

30 Ways to Save 00 on Holiday Gifts This Year
Last year, the average American planned to spend about $ 720 on Christmas gifts, according to Gallup poll. While that number might sound high, a full quarter of those shoppers intended to shell out a cool $ 1,000 or more. Sure, it's the most wonderful …
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People's Choice Awards 2016 Nominees: Scarlett Johansson, Melissa McCarthy and
To all the diehard fans, admirable devotees and pop culture enthusiasts: your voices have been heard! The nominees for the 2016 People's Choice Awards were announced on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. Producer Mark …
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5 Easy Ways To Go About Marketing A Restaurant

5 Easy Ways To Go About Marketing A Restaurant
According to 71% of adults use Facebook. That's the highest of all social media outlets as of now. Where Twitter comes in at 2nd place at only 23%. The best way to use Facebook is to use Facebook ads, but do it using the “Power Editor …
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When should my startup meet the media?
About author: Peter is the chief marketeer for countless guerrilla marketing stunts at Bebop Asia. Also, he is the Head of Public Relations at Sugar … If it is good enough, early users or the media could be tempted to wait for the rest of the suite …
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How the San Diego Chargers Score With Email Marketing
We're big fans of the San Diego Chargers' use of email marketing, and featured their Valentine's Day Campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers' best email campaigns. Head on over to the Gallery, and get inspired for your next …
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#SocialSkim: More Ways to Sell Directly on Twitter, Plus 10 More Stories in

#SocialSkim: More Ways to Sell Directly on Twitter, Plus 10 More Stories in
YouTube's got another subscription service in the works! The site's updating its TOS, asking creators to agree to make their videos available on an upcoming paid subscription. Per an email sent to Re/Code: "If you haven't signed by (October 22), your …
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ReachLocal's Rowlands: In Order to Stay Relevant with Your Market, You Have No
Street Fight caught up with Rowlands for a conversation about digital marketing's “one-stop shop” mentality, how the industry is making things more complicated for business owners, and what services SMBs should prioritize. … aggressive in search with …
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Holiday Email Marketing: 3 Ways to Save Time
Many email service providers offer templates to use and reuse. Be careful, however, when developing a template and editing with WYSIWYG editor. It does not, in my experience, always render correctly across all major email clients and browsers. It is …
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Why Your Professional Services Firm Needs An Editorial Calendar In 2016
Each week, despite your best intentions of getting your scheduled blog post written well in advance of your publish deadline, you scramble at the last minute to come up with a topic and end up frantically writing something that you don't feel great about.
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3 Ways to Build a Targeted List of Prospects Already Part of Your LinkedIn Network

3 Ways to Build a Targeted List of Prospects Already Part of Your LinkedIn Network
Always offer to make introductions to your network as well! Sometimes developing a quality list of prospects is an overwhelming task, but if you follow these three tips, building that list can be fast, simple and targeted. Please share in comments what …
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Boosting Canada's low-income rental market
The Wellesley Institute recently updated its “Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy,” noting that 60,000 to 80,000 low-income renter households are added each decade to the wait-list in Ontario. … Also up for discussion was the need to build stronger …
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TD Mobile 2.0 Adds Hybrid Mobile Development, Automatic Database Access in
To view the complete list of new features available with TD Mobile version 2.0, download the latest fact sheet for TD Mobile today at TD Mobile is a single, complete development solution for building hybrid applications and …
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