8 Tips for Hosting the Best Damn Dinner Party of All Time

8 Tips for Hosting the Best Damn Dinner Party of All Time
'Tis the season for, well, lots of things, but dinner parties is certainly up high on that list. Between all of the holiday hustle and bustle, decompressing with good food, a group of friends, and copious amounts of alcohol is pretty much the only way …
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Why Isn't America Paying Attention to Trevor Noah?
If you tune into any episode, you will find something familiar enough, good for a chuckle but never a belly laugh, let alone a revelation. … But if you watch The Daily Show night after night, you get the sense that the writers have adjusted their …
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The long, strange history of the Donald Trump-Megyn Kelly feud
You probably recall Trump's "blood coming out of her wherever" remark about Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who asked tough questions during the first Republican primary debate in August and who will be back as a co-moderator on Thursday. The short answer …
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5 Email Productivity Tips for Sales Pros

5 Email Productivity Tips for Sales Pros
For sales and marketing pros, email is both an important tool as well as a distraction. While it is one of the best and most preferred ways of communicating with leads and prospects, email is also a time suck due to overload. … That's because if you …
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Gaining Business Advantage with Hadoop as a Service
Constant Contact, the email marketing organization, deployed BigInsights to help its customers get the most out of their email marketing. With over 650,000 customers and 185,000,000 emails being sent a day to 300,000,000 subscribers, there is a lot of …
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6 Design Tips To Make Your Email Newsletter Visually Appealing

6 Design Tips To Make Your Email Newsletter Visually Appealing
This powerful email tool has a lot of benefits, which is why small businesses like The Boxing Club work to ensure their newsletter design is visually appealing. “I think the most important aspect of a newsletter is that it's visual and engaging,” says …
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6 Growth Hack Techniques You Can Try Today
What I'm aiming at is a full-fledged content-marketing effort. Growth hacking runs on the engine of content. You've heard it so … If your goal is to hack some growth, then you need to grow your email list. There's a quick and dirty way to do this …
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Our Most Popular Articles: December 2014
These are listed in order of page views, and the list only includes new articles that were first published last month. We try to post a similar list each … If you're new, we have several different subscription options including two different email …
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Tips for saving on your kids' back-to-school clothes (and your own)

Tips for saving on your kids' back-to-school clothes (and your own)
Give stores your email address. Department stores such as Kohl's and JC Penney regularly send deals to email subscribers and keep them updated on sales. Lucky Brand Jeans and Cotton On offer a discount code to people who sign up with an email address …
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Don't be afraid to ask embarrassing questions
Email me at readers@juliejason.com if you would like a copy of questions to ask when buying a variable annuity. The list is adapted from my book "The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad.".
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Legislative Fiscal Bureau says Medicaid expansion would have saved
The governor's spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, said in an email to The Associated Press that if anyone thinks the debt-saddled federal government won't renege on its promises "they are not living in reality." The Fiscal Bureau's memo … Walker also has …
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Scammers stealing Portland renters' financial information
CONNECT 19 TWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE. PORTLAND — Trying to buy or rent a home in this red-hot market can be frustrating. It's not just other buyers and renters you have to worry about, now you can add international con artists to your list of …
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Crucial Tips To Get You Better Results From Email Marketing

Crucial Tips To Get You Better Results From Email Marketing
Use the segmentation function on your mailing program to separate your list based on the activities it takes. You might find out that some groups or segments respond to different messages or that they are more compelled to download content or make a …
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Boosting Your Online Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Well, all you need to do is to create more buzz. Warming people on a list up also takes time, but the sequence in which you do it is important. With this goal in mind, you can already think of some ways to get your list of people excited, talking to …
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