Successful Email Marketing: Building a Dream Database

Successful Email Marketing: Building a Dream Database
You could have the most well-planned email campaign, but if you don't have a growing list of subscribers – those clever, stylish emails you built could have a low return on investment. When executed properly, email marketing can be one of the most …
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The man married to Sheryl Sandberg pulled a 'Sheryl Sandberg laundry' prank
Porter was apparently appalled, "She wrote back this whole long email about why this wasn't a good idea, why this was going a bridge too far, and it really wasn't going to help Sheryl," he said. But she never checked the date of the email. "April 1 …
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10 Key Must Have Attributes For Successful Content Marketers

10 Key Must Have Attributes For Successful Content Marketers
Lists facilitate content re-purposing via other content forms (email, other blog posts, social content) which is a fundamental “tool” in any content marketer's toolbox. Every good blog post starts with a list for many content marketers: those scatter …
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Right call urged on 'Do Not Call' list as deadline approaches
"Not many people think about the list once they're on it…It's a very convenient option but it's not top of mind. "The opt-in system… reflects what we do with email marketing, you have to opt-in, you have to tick the box to receive the emails. For …
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The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing: Real World Methods for Developing Successful, Long-term Marketing Plans

The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing: Real World Methods for Developing Successful, Long-term Marketing Plans

The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing: Real World Methods for Developing Successful, Long-term Marketing Plans


Everything You Need to Plan Your Strategy and Achieve Your Goals

From Fortune 500 consultant Robert J. Hamper–the man who wrote the book on strategic marketing–comes a powerful new blueprint for growth in today’s economy. Combining time-tested marketing tools with the latest global trends, this ready-to-use book guides you through every step of the strategy process.

Packed with essential charts, forms, and fill-in questionnaires, it’s the perfect planner for you and your organization–no matter how big or small. Each chapter allows you to adapt the proven principles of stragetic marketing to your company’s specific needs, including a
running case study so you can follow the process in action. Now more than ever, strategic marketing is the one business tool you need to succeed.


DEFINE your vision • TARGET your audience • EVALUATE your operations • PLAN your strategy • ACHIEVE your goals

Based on a long-term study of proven integrated
marketing plans, this step-by-step book from Fortune 500 consultant Robert J. Hamper is truly The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing. Written specifically for business leaders looking for long-term strategies in a
constantly evolving economy, it’s the one marketing guide that lets you develop a plan that’s simple, clear, practical, flexible, and workable–for you and your company. The book’s interactive format makes it easy for you to:

  • Engineer the planning process from conception to reality
  • Conduct your own audits, self-assessments, SWOT analyses, and EA analyses
  • Develop key market objectives–and make them happen
  • Implement, monitor, and adjust your plan for the real world
  • Solidify your strategy for longterm success

Using the book’s fill-in questionnaires and forms, you’ll be able to adapt the greatest marketing tools of our time to your company’s specific needs—step-by-step. Part I walks you through the entire planning process. Part
II helps you evaluate the internal and external environment of your company, taking stock of resources and assessing strengths and weaknesses. Part III shows you how to develop a plan by identifying your marketing objectives
and goals. Finally, Part IV gives you the tools to implement your plan using integrated computer models and other tracking techniques. Running case studies and countless examples will show you how to navigate a variety of scenarios. You’ll also find helpful advice on global marketing, e-commerce, and other business tools such as product positioning, strategic gap, and strategic portfolio analysis.

It’s all here–everything you need to target your audience, market your product, and plan your future success–in The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing.


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Internet Direct Mail : The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Internet Direct Mail : The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Internet Direct Mail : The Complete Guide to Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing via the Internet is the best way to avoid the rising printing and mailing costs of traditional direct mail. Plus, it’s more effective! An online campaign will often turn a profit even if the entire mailing produces only 1 percent response or less! If you’re ready to try e-mail marketing, or if you’re already doing it and want to know more, Internet Direct Mail has all the information you need. From selecting products and offers to writing copy and incorporating rich media-like video clips or audio into an e-mail, Internet Direct Mail shows you step by step how to create, send, and track a highly successful e-mail campaign. This guide also includes the authors’ carefully compiled, invaluable lists of resources for:

  • E-mail list brokers and service bureaus
  • Credit card companies and corporations offering merchants accounts
  • Books and software on Web marketing
  • Online advertising services
Internet Direct Mail offers insight, advice, and step-by-step assistance from seasoned direct-marketing professionals who have experienced great success with Internet campaigns. Their expert guidance will help you make sound decisions about your offer, your creative, your list, your fulfillment, your method of measurement, and many other issues–allowing you to start and run a smooth, professional, results-oriented e-mail campaign.

List Price: $ 44.95


Creating a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign with Mailing Lists

Penn-Wyatt House Stained-Glass Window 5
residential mailing lists
Image by Universal Pops (David)
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[See the set of 22 photos of the house and its details ]

This set of 5 photos shows some of the stained-glass windows of the Penn-Wyatt House (1876) in Danville, Virginia. Residential, or secular stained-glass, had become relatively common in the last quarter of the 19th century as a way to beautify one’s space, to make an architectural statement, and possibly to fall in with a decorative fad or style. Charles Eastlake (1836-1906), influential in architectural embellishment, felt the use of stained-glass was an appropriate decoration for a household; it was in “good taste”. The glaziers’ world now included the ecclesiastical and the secular. Decorative arts in an architectural setting demanded fine art from skilled and imaginative craftsmen, often using floral or abstract designs on a geometrical background (photo 4 is a good example of this). Inside the house, the light through the window would create a different aspect of color and mood; furthermore, windows were placed where no view to the outside was intended. The use of decorative windows became so commonplace that mail order hardware companies offered them among their products at prices within reach of many. This democratization of stained-glass accessibility tended to water down the artistry. In the 20th century, two wars and the Depression devastated the business with the final blow delivered by “modern architecture”, which greatly deemphasized any ornamentation. I don’t know anything about these windows, if they were artisan or assembly-line in origin or when they were installed. The house did undergo modifications from 1897-1903. I was unable to view the interior of the Penn-Wyatt House except as seen through windows; but I’ll remember looking through a glass door and seeing, as if I were inside, how a window diffused the light and colors, a sight of wonder and beauty. Images 2 and 3 are excellent examples of window moldings. The Penn-Wyatt House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places September 7, 1979, ID reference #79003317. [The description is a synthesis of numerous sources.]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you use this image on your web site, you need to provide a link to this photo.

Marketing with mailing lists should be a part of every business’ advertising plans. A direct marketing campaign can be the most cost effective way to advertise your product and/or service. Creating a successful direct marketing campaign with mailing lists, will increase sales and customers for any type of business. There are some important useful tips for creating a successful mailing campaign. The key to establishing an effective marketing campaign with mailing lists is to follow these 3 important points.

Make sure the mailing list is of the highest quality and updated. The mailing list is the most important part of the entire direct marketing campaign and needs to be as accurate as possible. The best way to obtain a mailing list is to purchase one through a mailing list broker or compiler, rather than creating your own list. There are many brokers and compilers that can provide accurate mailing lists that have been updated through the National Change of Address database. Most list companies should be able to guarantee at least a 94% deliverability rate or better.

Make sure you have created an offer that stands out and makes people want to respond. You want the people who receive your mail piece to look at your mail piece and know who you are, what you are offering, and how to respond to your offer with little effort. Your offer should include a call to action or reaction from your prospect. An example would be, “We have this free trial offer and you must respond by this date”. It does help to offer an expiration date for the call to action. Make sure to give the responder every avenue to respond by, such as phone, email, internet, mail, or in person. Free offers, discounts, and guarantees will always increase your response rate.

Make sure the quality of your mail piece fits the quality of your offer.  The type of paper, the colors, the wording will reflect back to your company. If you are a furniture store marketing new bedroom sets, you should use nice glossy paper, with rich, deep colors, and a nice writing font. If you are a local auto mechanic, use pictures of nice looking automobiles with bright colors, and simple block letters. You want your mail piece to form an identity between you and you potential customer. 

Marketing campaigns with mailing lists are still the most effective way of marketing because of the ease to focus your advertising on as many or as few recipients as needed. By following these tips when developing your next mailing campaign, you will see an increase your response rate and your return on investment.  These techniques are proven to improve any business’ marketing efforts.

I am a Direct Marketing professional with over 10 years experience specializing in mailing lists.