The eCommerce Marketing Strategy that Generated 40000 Leads [Case Study]

The eCommerce Marketing Strategy that Generated 40000 Leads [Case Study]
“The larger email list you have, the greater potential for increasing your sales”. It's simple mathematics, and puts you, the business owner, in the driver's seat. Angelus Direct was able to convert their gained leads from Coupon Pop into $ 40,000 in sales.
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3 Holiday E-Commerce Policies For A Merry Q4 [Infographic]

3 Holiday E-Commerce Policies For A Merry Q4 [Infographic]
In your emails, in a ribbon at the top of the site, in your shopping cart. Everywhere. As your customers get down to the wire, these countdowns help push a sense of urgency and avoid disappointment (for you and them) if they wait too long to purchase …
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Flipkart rejigs top management, hands over more responsibility to Myntra
In one of the first moves Mukesh Bansal, who was so far heading fashion, will also head marketing. His role has also expanded and he will take care of additional categories like computers and consumer electronics. Ankit Nagori, senior vice president …
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NFC World celebrates its sixth birthday
NFC World is six years old today and we are celebrating with a top 50,000 website ranking on, 129,493 unique visitors in October and a new advertising rate card designed to make advertising on NFC World the single most effective way for …
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Spring, an E-Commerce Start-Up, Aims at Mobile Shopping

Spring, an E-Commerce Start-Up, Aims at Mobile Shopping
Upon signing up, users are given a list of retail brands whose products customers can scroll through. Shoes, jackets and handbags fill the screen like the pages of a mail-order catalog. Spring has more than 100 major retail partners, including brands …
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Brevard schools roll out new security system
It also scans a data base to see if the individual is on a sexual predator list or arrest history. (Photo: MALCOLM DENEMARK/FLORIDA TODAY)Buy Photo. 847 CONNECTTWEETLINKEDIN 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE. A new security system in Brevard Public …
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French Fry Fail: Most Burger Kings to Drop 'Satisfries'
“Top of the list, you have to start with price,” he said of the more expensive Satisfries. Operationally … And finally, Americans don't buy healthy food at the drive-thru. “They go to fast food … “People who consider themselves in good or excellent …

Best Company in Ecommerce, Email and Shared Hosting

How does ecommerce hosting differ from regular web hosting? A commercial website selling products or services requires additional software and security measures.

Developing the Ecommerce Website

One of the best features on an ecommerce website should be the ease in which a product is accessed and purchased. You will not need any technical knowledge to keep track of orders when you use a PT cart or shopping cart.

The Prestige Technologies web development team has repeatedly provided its clients with websites that are highly functional and secure, because of their substantial experience with ecommerce hosting.

If your ecommerce business is not doing as well as it should, you need to check the functionality of your web design. Whether it is revamping an existing website or building a new one, if you want value for your money, Prestige Technologies is the answer.

While Prestige Technology experts are addressing all the technical issues of building a secure ecommerce site, you can monitor the progress. The company provides your website with a temporary address for this purpose.

Prestige Technologies and Shared Hosting

If you want to start an online business, you need a server to host your website. Prestige Technologies provides shared hosting.  This means you have your own space on their server. This does not affect the efficiency of your website.

The decision to select shared web hosting is a wise and economical choice, especially for small businesses, as the cost of server maintenance is shared collectively by all the websites that use it.

There is no reason to assume the expense and associated hassles of maintaining a standard server when a shared one will work just as well.

The basic plan includes email hosting – you receive as many as 20 email accounts with this.

You can have up to 60 email accounts depending on the plan that fits you best. The bandwidth ranges from 2-to-50 GBs based on your package.

Why Should You Choose Prestige Technologies

The email hosting and shared web hosting setup is free and only takes a few minutes to activate. You only have to pay the monthly fee. A major issue with clients and service providers is after sales service.

At Prestige Technologies, 24/7 customer friendly service will take care of any road blocks no matter how big or small. The Prestige shared web hosting deal, comes with a 30-day money back warranty. Prestige Technologies is about customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Alan Smith has expertise in the field of ecommerce hosting, web site hosting, business hosting services including virtual and shared hosting. For high quality and affordable email hosting please visit us at

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