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Six small companies to pay you a steady income that brokers rate a 'buy'
Now, no one wants to buy a basket case just because the yield if high so, in addition to these filters, we've included only those companies rated a “buy” by a consensus of brokers. These are not intended to function as a portfolio of shares bought …

Mike McCabe: Why Americans hate politics more than ever
Media consultants. Telemarketers. Direct mail firms. Advertising agencies. List brokers and microtargeters. Fundraising specialists. These professionals make a living by selling candidates for public office the way Madison Avenue sells hair care products.

Follow The Money: Sniffing Out Hidden Wealth Management Fees
For starters, most retail share classes of mutual funds charge their clients, in addition to asset management and administration fees, 12b-1 fees (the industry term for marketing fees). These are usually subtracted from the value of your fund on a …
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Top of the List: Bham's top residential real estate brokers
Sales volume is on the rise for Birmingham's top residential real estate brokers, continuing growth trends that we reported last year. For our most recent List of the top residential brokers in Birmingham, we used data from the latest Greater Alabama …
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