Two Important Things to Consider in Building Mailing Lists

It is important not only to get new customers, but also to keep existing ones loyal and happy. By building an email list, you can keep in touch with both current and potential customers, reminding them of the presence of your business, and hopefully to shop with you again!

This means you need to get potential customers on your list, but also as many of your current customers as possible. You can have flyers, stickers, or business cards with your web address on them that you give to every customer who buys something from you. Make sure to point out that you will email special offers, announcements about new products or services and special events, and discounts and coupons from time to time.

Offering discounts and coupons to your email list will keep them loyal and shopping with your company instead of your competitors!

Two Important Things To Consider In Building Mailing Lists

1. Using A Professional Autoresponder

One of the most important steps you will ever take as an email marketer is in choosing to power your mailing lists by establishing an account with a Professional auto responder provider. By setting up your mailing list with an experience auto responder service team, you can rest assured that your emails will make it to their destination. Professional auto responder providers offer frequent back-ups of your database, in the event it becomes corrupted or inaccessible.

2. Well-Constructed Squeeze Pages

Your squeeze page is the ‘doorway’ into your email marketing system and if it fails to convert visitors into subscribers, you will struggle to build your lists. Your squeeze page needs to be very clean and simple. You want people who visit your website to be given ONE option only; to subscribe to your newsletter.

In order to create an effective squeeze page that encourages visitors into subscribing to your list, consider the different types of incentives that you can offer. When it comes to listing the benefits you need to be clear and concise.

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Worst People of 2013 …item 2.. Richie Incognito’s Year of the Bully (Thursday, Dec 26 2013) – The NFL’s dirtiest player and proud of it. — MAN UP – Richie Incognito 2013 …
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Image by marsmet533
Listen up, you blog-typing twats. I read your articles about me, including the claim I drove that rookie biatch Jonathan Martin bonkers by harassing him. All I have to say is: Take a whiff of my cup and wake the hell up. That dude is softer than my supple Italian foreskin. This is professional football we play, not some tea-cozy crocheting competition.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


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… message header for item 1. … The 20 Worst People of 2013

Featuring threesome seekers, cokehead judges, hockey dads from hell, and, quite naturally, Greg Abbott.

…..item 1)…. The 20 Worst People of 2013 …

… Miami New Times …

Featuring threesome seekers, cokehead judges, hockey dads from hell, and, quite naturally, Greg Abbott.

img code photo … People of 2013…

Kevin Cannon


By Pete Kotz … Thursday, Dec 12 2013…

— 20. Ron Nielson

Ron Nielson wanted to do something extra scary for the kids on Halloween. He decided it would be totally spooky — not to mention hilarious — to burn a cross at his Palm Bay, Florida, home.

Yet Nielson’s uproarious "prank" — his words — went awry when he doused the cross with gas and accidentally set himself aflame, destroying his comedic timing. Medics airlifted him to an Orlando hospital, where he was treated for second-degree burns over half of his body, and doctors struggled to get the punch line.

img code photo … 20. Ron Nielson…

Kevin Cannon


img code photo … 16. Alyssa Pack…

Kevin Cannon


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The 50-year-old is expected to try something more tasteful next year, like hanging an innocent sharecropper from a light pole.

— 19. Bill Wisth

Bill Wisth is 6-foot-6 and weighs 350 pounds. He also really likes fish. These salient facts made him a regular at the all-you-can-eat fish fry at Chuck’s Place, a family restaurant in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

But his devotion to Chuck’s turned tragic one evening last spring. Wisth had already pounded 20 pieces of deep-fried goodness, yet still hankered for more. A waitress told him they’d run out. She offered to substitute a more expensive fish, but Wisth was rightfully outraged. The restaurant advertised all-you-can-eat, and he could still eat! He left in a huff, refusing to pay his bill.

Vengeance was his when he began picketing Chuck’s with a sign reading "False advertising." Wisth was soon hailed as the Nelson Mandela of Thiensville. If his fight proved in vain, Golden Corral might restrict customers to 17 helpings of coleslaw. The implications were grave.

Yet Wisth’s soaring star took a downward trajectory after the media interviewed a waitress. It turns out that Chuck’s owner let Wisth run a tab when he couldn’t pay for his meals. Worse, on the night in question, he was caught sneaking fish to his dining companion who hadn’t ordered the special, a breach of all-you-can-eat etiquette so egregious it was like hitting on your aunt at the afterparty for grandma’s funeral.

Wisth was exposed as a mooch and an ingrate. Thiensville soon shifted its allegiance to a more deserving hero: the guy trying to remove the traffic camera on Maple Street.

— 18. Judge Michael Cook

The first sign that Michael Cook might not be suited for the Illinois St. Clair County Circuit Court came last spring. He and fellow judge Joseph Christ were vacationing at the Cook family hunting lodge north of St. Louis when police were summoned.

They arrived to find Christ, a father of six, dead in a bathroom. It seems he failed to read the fine print on a sizable package of cocaine, which warned that excessive use may piss off your heart, causing it to launch a work stoppage.

Having a dead judge in your bathroom tends to arouse the curiosity of the feds, who started investigating. But that didn’t temper Cook’s own fondness for powdered happiness. He was later arrested on heroin and gun charges after leaving the home of accused drug trafficker Sean McGilvery. (Cook had dismissed a case against McGilvery two years earlier. No word on whether this entitled him to a house discount.)

The judge resigned and was whisked to treatment in Minnesota. He pleaded guilty in exchange for 18 months in prison.

— 17. Ernesto Yañez

Ernesto Yañez was a cop in Port Isabel before resigning to pursue a more lucrative profession: burglary. But the former lawman took some unusual lumps during his rookie season.

He and an accomplice burglarized a home in Rio Hondo, scoring a fine selection of tools. But Yañez accidentally left his police-issue pager at the scene. So he called the homeowner at 2 a.m., claiming he’d left the pager behind when he saw someone breaking in while patrolling the area. Fortunately, he’d cracked the case, fingering notorious tool bandit Manuel Manzanares.

There was one small problem with this diversionary tactic: Manzanares didn’t appreciate being ratted out, especially since he was Yañez’s accomplice. So he in turn ratted out Yañez, allowing police to solve the burglary without lifting a doughnut.

Yañez’s burglary business is now for sale, though it has yet to find an interested buyer.

— 16. Alyssa Pack

Alyssa Pack was spending a delightful afternoon at Twin Hills Park in Crestview, Florida, with a young child and an unidentified man, enjoying the natural splendor. On this day, however, said nature included a trio of geese. They kept following Pack around, perhaps trying to mooch some bread crumbs because they hadn’t taken personal responsibility and gotten jobs.

Pack thought it a teachable moment. She taunted the geese by saying, "I’ll beat you so hard you won’t even know it." Her friend filmed the scene on his cell phone.

As you might expect from unemployed water fowl, the geese didn’t speak English. So Pack resorted to the international language of kicking them in the head as the young child laughed in the background.

"Did you get me kicking?" she asked her cameraman, dancing before her adversaries like Manny Pacquiao. "I have now kicked all three of these geese in the face."

She knew her performance would make a wonderful educational video for the National Forest Service or the Ted Cruz presidential campaign. So it was loaded to Facebook.

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But instead of celebrating her tough love, viewers began ratting Pack out to the cops. She was charged with animal cruelty and rocking a Macaulay Culkin hairdo in public.

— 15. Miguel Ortiz and Sergio Maldonado

Today’s lesson, boy and girls: Stay in school, even if you’re only pursuing a community college degree in kidnapping.

img code photo … 12. Matthew Supran…

Kevin Cannon


img code photo … 6. La Crystal King-Woolfork…

Kevin Cannon


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Exhibit A: Miguel Ortiz and Sergio Maldonado, inattentive students.

One evening, a man was standing outside his Los Angeles home when the two gangbangers decided he’d make a fine if unwilling chauffeur. They forced him to drive them on a few errands before reaching their final destination, Bare Elegance, a strip joint favorably reviewed by criminals on Yelp.

Our heroes let their chauffeur go. He naturally called police. But since Ortiz and Maldonado failed to bone up on the getaway section of their kidnapping studies, they were still at the strip joint when the cops arrived.

The pair was arrested for kidnapping, robbery and setting a poor example for America’s youth.

— 14. Maria Caya

It was the last day of school. Fourth-grade teacher Maria Caya was slated to take her young charges to a Janesville, Wisconsin, bowling alley to celebrate. So she prudently began drinking at 6 a.m. to get a jump on the festivities. Good teachers are always prepared.

Though eight other school employees attended the field trip, no one noticed that the 50-year-old educator had slightly overshot her intake capacity. Until she passed out at the bowling alley. With a blood-alcohol level of 0.27. Enough to fuel a Viking ship for three months.

Caya was accused of violating district policy on holding your liquor during field trips. She was paid ,000 in exchange for her resignation.

— 13. Ronald Dean

A gym teacher at the AmeriSchools Academy in Phoenix led a class of kids ages 10 to 13 out to the playground for a little exercise. That’s when they saw a middle-aged man in a nearby alley. His pants were down, and he appeared to be masturbating.

Police arrived to find Ronald Dean smoking crack and masturbating in full view of the school. Dean didn’t understand what the fuss was about. "I was just sitting here getting high," he told the cops.

The officers patiently explained that pleasuring oneself in front of kids is generally frowned upon in Arizona. It took some doing, but Dean finally got the gist of their argument, conceding that he could have chosen a better locale to polish his manly sword.

"I guess I could have gone underneath the bridge overhang," he sheepishly admitted.

He was charged with indecent exposure and possession of narcotics.

— 12. Matthew Supran

Delray Beach, Florida, chiropractor Matthew Supran was watching his son’s hockey game when a 14-year-old opposing player elbowed his boy in the face. A ref ruled the hit non-malicious, giving the kid a five-minute penalty under hockey’s sentencing guidelines of assault.

Yet Supran had neglected to teach his son the game’s prescribed response for an elbow to the face: a succession of retaliatory punches. Clearly he sucked as a hockey dad.

So the 230-pound Supran ran onto the ice, punched the teen offender in the face, then grabbed his helmet and slammed his head into the boards in a naked attempt to compensate for bad parenting. He was arrested on charges of child abuse.

— 11. Greg Abbott

Dallas couple Jeffrey and Henry Buck were married in Massachusetts, only to see their love wither two years later. A Dallas family court granted their divorce.

This caused Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to blow a gasket. He’s a strident opponent of gay marriage, fearing it will spur an outbreak of elegant kitchen remodeling that makes no allowances for gun racks. And since he’s also running for governor, he wanted to appease the state’s many followers of Mean Jesus, the pissed-off version of the leading brand.

So Abbott appealed the decision. Since Texas law banned gay marriage, he argued, the Bucks couldn’t legally divorce either. A state appellate court agreed, reportedly signing its decision in drool.

Abbott got his wish: The Bucks were forced to stay gay married.

Wait, what?

The case is now before the Texas Supreme Court justices, who are expected to hire someone who can read it to them.

— 10. Kent and Jill Easter

Kelli Peters, a volunteer at an Irvine, California, elementary school, had punished a boy after tennis practice. Enter the kid’s Parents from Hell, Kent and Jill Easter, who believed their son suffered grave emotional damage from the incident.

The married lawyers sued Peters, tried to get her fired and even sought a restraining order. But she kept volunteering.

So one night, Kent left a bag filled with pills, weed and a used pipe on the seat of Peters’ car, which was parked at the school. He then anonymously called police, claiming he’d seen someone driving erratically and trying to hide nefarious contraband in the school parking lot.

Unfortunately for them, the cops didn’t believe Peters was dumb enough to leave her dope in full view on the seat. Suspicions soon turned to the Easters, whose track record of ham-fisted revenge fit the modus operandi of the caper.

Detectives traced the anonymous police call to Kent. Cell phone records also showed he’d been in contact with Jill that night, presumably providing a play-by-play of their gleeful dance with vengeance.

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The damning phone records caused the glee to dim. Jill pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and the couple separated.

But Kent fought the charges, invoking The Hen-Pecked Defense. He claimed his wife forced him to make the call, and said Jill actually planted the dope while he was home sick in bed. Alas, this was contradicted by his own cell records, which showed him outside Peters’ home on the night in question.

He’s now again awaiting trial after his first trial ended with a hung jury. In the meantime, the couple has sued the Los Angeles Times, the Irvine Police Department, the Orange County District Attorney’s office and 100 other unnamed people for defamation and being mean to them online. But since Kent has been fired by his law firm, it’s unknown whether he can afford to provide all those defendants with free weed and pills.

img code photo … 3. Jonathan Savas … Florida’s #1 DAD!…

Kevin Cannon


img code photo … 2. William T. Woodward…

Kevin Cannon


— 9. Rojorlo Naranjo

Rojorlo Naranjo had previous convictions for kidnapping and sexual assault, granting him entry to Colorado’s prestigious list of registered sex offenders. This, the 57-year-old knew, was exactly the kind of pedigree that left women quivering globs of longing and desire. Which is why he chose the romantic setting of a Greeley, Colorado, bus to drunkenly hit on a much younger woman.

Perhaps Naranjo was off his game. Perhaps the woman left her desire on the kitchen table that day. Either way, her inexplicable rejection of Naranjo was emphatic enough that the bus driver told him to quit creeping her out.

Yet Naranjo couldn’t let this assault on ego and honor pass, lest all the other sex offenders mock him. So he sucker punched the driver, threw him off the bus, and began kicking him in the head.

Alas, his pummeling was insufficiently gallant to reverse the woman’s heart. But it did get the attention of police, who charged him with harassment, "endangering public transportation" and trying to date over his head. Naranjo was sentenced to 18 years.

— 8. Adam Savader

Adam Savader was a budding Republican operative who interned for Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Despite his access to the halls of power, he was unable to score with the ladies. That’s because he’s a frumpy little man-child with voodoo eyes that make him appear to be the product of an amorous weekend between Michele Bachmann and Charles Manson.

Still, Savader would not be denied love — or at least his weird approximation of it. So he began hacking into the email accounts of former classmates at George Washington University and his high school in Great Neck, New York.

Whenever he discovered selfies of bare-naked women intended for someone other than Adam Savader, he would send his targets anonymous texts, demanding they beam him additional naked photos. If they refused, Savader threatened to not only send his existing trove to their mothers, but to their sororities and — gasp! — the Republican National Committee, where they would likely be shared with known degenerates, such as congressmen from Alabama.

One victim attending college in Michigan went to police, who traced the anonymous texts to Savader. Though detectives say he attempted to extort 14 women, he was allowed to plead guilty to one count of stalking, for which he’ll spend at least two years in the slam.

— 7 . Christopher Caceres

A homeowner in San Pedro, California, knew something was amiss when he heard his 80-pound akita make a "huge yelp-like shriek" in the backyard in the middle of the night. The man went outside to find that an intruder had left behind his cell phone.

Two weeks later, the dog made the same unusual yelp. This time the man discovered the prowler had left a gate open. Fearing that someone was casing his house, he installed security cameras.

It wasn’t long before the man awoke one Sunday to find the akita’s hair strewn about the backyard. A review of security tape would reveal something worse than a garden-variety burglar.

The tape showed 22-year-old Christopher Caceres, a neighbor’s grandson, drugging the akita to get it to relax. Caceres then spent from 2 to 4 a.m. having sex with the animal, a remarkable feat of depravity and stamina.

Caceres has been charged with burglary, sexual deviance, bestiality and rape of a dog, with more charges expected.

— 6. La Crystal King-Woolfork

La Crystal King-Woolfork spent a September night partying with a female friend at the Shake Your Booty club in Indian River County, Florida, a known home to refinement, mystery and romance.

At 4 a.m., the friends repaired to La Crystal’s boyfriend’s house to perform oral sex on each other. The boyfriend, who’d been sleeping, awoke to the bare-naked festivities. La Crystal asked him to make it a three-way tournament. The boyfriend declined.

His refusal harshed the atmosphere, so the female friend left. That left La Crystal and her man to argue over proper etiquette for hosting a guest.

At some point, La Crystal chose to accentuate her position by hitting him in the face with a metal candle holder and smashing her cell phone on his head. Then she stabbed him in the eye.

La Crystal confessed to her role in the candle holder/cell phone attack, but denied jabbing a knife in her boyfriend’s eye. She’d always maintained strict rules about sticking to unconventional weapons, feeling it was more creative.

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…continued from page 3

Police charged her with attempted murder.

— 5. Thomas Lowe

Eagan, Minnesota, divorce lawyer Thomas Lowe was representing an abused woman with mental troubles. His services included more than unlimited bluster and threatening paperwork. He also provided full-immersion discovery, bedding her just to ensure that he’d probed every last detail of the case.

img code photo … 20. Ron Nielson…

Kevin Cannon


img code photo … 16. Alyssa Pack…

Kevin Cannon


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It is said that Lowe possesses the erotic fury of a caged ferret. The woman was smitten — even though Lowe was actually billing her for their time in bed.

Six months later, the married lawyer declared the bedroom phase of the case concluded. But his decision was premature, perhaps clouded by the fact that her bank account was running low. She responded by trying to whack herself.

The affair was revealed at the hospital, which led the state Bar Association to accuse Lowe of conduct unbecoming, even for a lawyer. Though he had upheld the profession’s highest calling — the blind pursuit of billable hours — his law license was indefinitely suspended.

— 4. Marcus O’Neal

Aside from spending the diaper money on Wild Turkey and crack, nothing quite says "I love you" like unbridled jealousy. Or so thought Marcus O’Neal.

He’s not the most self-confident man. It’s a reasonable position, since he’s also a moron and a candy-ass. The evidence: His girlfriend had "liked" a photo on Facebook that showed a female friend and another man. O’Neal equated the like with lust for the man and flew into a rage.

He closed the windows so the neighbors couldn’t hear, then began beating his girlfriend, calling her a whore and threatening to kill her as four kids in the home shrieked in horror.

At one point, the woman nearly blacked out. O’Neal ripped off her clothes, "inspecting for signs of infidelity," according to police. Because he’d never watched CSI, he was unaware that electronic images can’t be detected on the human body.

Springfield, Missouri, police charged him with three counts of domestic assault.

— 3. Jonathan Savas

There’s a reason tornadoes always ask for directions to the nearest trailer park whenever they come to town. They’re looking for people like Jonathan Savas.

Savas was hanging at a friend’s mobile home in Sha-De-Land, Florida, with his 10-month-old baby and the child’s mother. The child wouldn’t stop crying, presumably interrupting Savas’ thoughtful discourse on Keynesian economics. So he decided to sit on the baby’s head. Nothing quite silences a fussy infant like suffocation by buttocks.

The friend confronted Savas. The child’s mom told him to stop. But Savas invoked his paternal right to be an asshole. "It’s my baby," he allegedly responded. "I can do whatever I want."

Police contested his thesis by arresting him for child abuse.

— 2. William T. Woodward

William Woodward had a longstanding beef with a neighbor. The man had borrowed a roll of duct tape that went unreturned. Woodward simmered, since it’s apparently very difficult to find duct tape in Brevard County, Florida.

His rage turned to a boil on Labor Day, when his neighbors were holding a cookout. Woodward claims he heard someone yell, "Come on, boys. … We’re going to get him. We’re going to get him, all three of us." Or maybe he just imagined it, since the phrasing sounds suspiciously like the wooden dialogue on Rizzoli and Isles.

Either way, he sneaked up on the party and shot three men, killing two of them. The third survived despite being shot 11 times.

Yet Woodward thought it a righteous shooting. He asked that murder charges be dismissed, citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and the Bush Doctrine.

Legal experts believe the Stand Your Ground defense may be a long-shot, since the law was intended to let Floridians shoot black kids who enjoy Skittles, not white guys cooking meat.

The Bush Doctrine shows more promise. It was used by President George W. Bush to justify the Iraq War. Though Iraq had yet to attack the U.S., he reasoned, it probably might. So he considered himself legally justified in blowing Iraq up now, rather than waiting until we’re all wearing veils and getting squeamish over hot dogs.

Woodward awaits trial on murder charges.

— 1. Wells Fargo

Retiree Larry Delassus suffered from a rare blood-clot disorder that often left him disoriented and hospitalized. But this disability would prove minor compared to a more serious affliction: He was a customer of Wells Fargo.

The bank held the mortgage on his Hermosa Beach, California, condo. Unfortunately for Delassus, Wells Fargo mistook him for another customer, who happened to owe 13 grand in back taxes. Despite his protests, it doubled Delassus’ mortgage to pay off the nonexistent taxes. He quickly fell behind.

At some point, Wells Fargo discovered it had confused Delassus with another resident of his complex. But the company foreclosed on him anyway.

Being a banker means never having to say you’re sorry. And you get to take people’s homes. It’s a win-win situation.

Delassus lost his condo and was forced into assisted living.

He sued Wells Fargo for negligence and discrimination, but died one day in court. A coroner ruled it heart failure. Delassus’ friends believe the bank killed him.

There is a happy ending, however. The American Bankers Association gave Wells Fargo its Benito Mussolini Award, bestowed annually for "the exemplary persecution of orphans, widows and sickly old guys." It is considered the industry’s highest honor.

…..item 2)…. Richie Incognito’s Year of the Bully …

… Miami New Times …

By Michael E. Miller … Thursday, Dec 26 2013


img code photo … Richie Incognito 2013…

Illustration by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio


The jockstrap arrived at 2:31 a.m. like a foul-smelling firebomb. Jorge heard the glass shatter and pedaled over. The gray-haired security guard pulled up on his Huffy just in time to see a Ford Bronco disappear in a cloud of burnt rubber. A fat, pale middle finger wagged out the driver’s window like a wayward kielbasa.

Let’s see your list, Richie. What psychos and sadists make up your People Issue?

It didn’t take Jorge long to find the missile amid the wreckage. Ten years of professional football had imbued the XXXL cup with its own pungent potpourri of blood, Bengay, and ball sweat. Locating it was easier than spotting a streetwalker on Biscayne Boulevard. The jockstrap was wrapped around a brick fastened with athletic tape and addressed simply: "To the Dildos at the New Times."

img code photo … MAN UP – Richie Incognito 2013…

Alvaro Diaz-Rubio


The next morning, this humble reporter unfurled the putrid package at his desk. The athletic supporter was the size of a baby’s blanket, every square inch of fetid, faded cotton covered in childlike scribbles. It wasn’t a warning, however — no threat for New Times to back off its investigations into steroid abuse in baseball, police shootings, or local corruption. Instead, it was a letter to the editor:


What’s up, pussies? Richie Incognito here. The Miami Dolphins’ most offensive offensive lineman. Pro Bowler. All-Star Wild Child. The NFL’s dirtiest player and proud of it. I’m #68 on the field but #1 in secretly squeezing a dude’s scrotum during a Monday Night Football man-pile. (It’s called the "Rich-around." Get it?)

Listen up, you blog-typing twats. I read your articles about me, including the claim I drove that rookie biatch Jonathan Martin bonkers by harassing him. All I have to say is: Take a whiff of my cup and wake the hell up. That dude is softer than my supple Italian foreskin. This is professional football we play, not some tea-cozy crocheting competition.

I’d be angrier if I thought you were singling me out, but all your newspaper seems to do is print politically correct crap. You have a rapper as a columnist, a stripper who writes sex advice, and a newsroom full of MFAs. Let’s start with your so-called People issue. You profiled a human statue, a community activist, and a kid in a chicken costume. Seriously, guys. What fucking city are you living in?

Take a good, hard look at 2013 and show me when a community activist accomplished anything. The only statue anyone cares about is the Heisman. And for god’s sake, someone strip that kid of his chicken suit and suit him up in some pads so he finally gets laid.

What about Miami’s real badasses? What about the ballers like me who get the dirty work done? The amoral assholes who pull no punches and spare no shady dollar in an all-out blitz to win?

Here’s an idea. How’s about you print my People issue? No charities. No children. No gourmet coffee roasters or French fashion bloggers. Just the bullies who truly boss this town.

Fins up!



P.S. Can you guys crochet me a new cup?


Dear Richie:

What a lovely surprise to receive your, uh, letter the other day, but do the Incognitos not believe in mailboxes? It’s taken our unpaid interns three days to pick up the mess. One cut herself pretty badly and, without health insurance, had to use your jockstrap to stop the bleeding.

To address your complaints: We’re sorry you don’t agree with our coverage of your suspension from the Dolphins, but calling your teammate a "half-n****r," threatening to defecate in his mouth, and saying you’d kill his family was, let’s just say, excessive. Compared to that, making Martin pay ,000 for you to fly to Vegas and taunting him by saying you had sex with his sister almost seems quaint. Almost.

As for your argument that our recent People issue ignored Miami’s "real badasses," we must point out that our issue focused on the coolest and most creative people in the city, not its most cutthroat and powerful.

But you’re right. More than any year in recent memory, 2013 was dominated by bullies like you. From Gov. Rick Scott to rogue neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, corrupt politicians to bad cops and even worse criminals, steroidal sports stars to scamming team owners, 2013 was the year that Florida’s Freudian id came roaring back in full force.

This was the Year of the Bully. So let’s see your list, Richie. What psychos and sadists make up your People issue?


New Times

Richie’s response arrived a few days later. This time, it was penned in ketchup on the greasy cardboard containers of a 16-piece family dinner from KFC:

Growing up in Jersey, my father would grab me by the collar in a horseshoe tackle and pull a Joe Pesci on me. "Son, don’t take no shit from no one," he’d scream. "If you let anyone give you shit now, you’re gonna take shit your entire life."

Of course, he also told me that Bill Clinton was Beelzebub and that "pretty boy Patrick Swayze wouldn’t last a day in the real shit" while watching Red Dawn, but that might have just been the Vietnam flashbacks and Wild Turkey talking.

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Big Richie was always trying to toughen me up. If I came home with a bruise, he’d tell me the other guy better have a black eye, or else I would. When I first kicked a kid’s ass — some nerd who’d been calling me fat for months — my dad didn’t ground me. He gave me ice cream.

"As the big, swinging dictator in Sweetwater, Manny Maroño was Scott’s number one supporter."

When my football coaches couldn’t see the talent hidden underneath my chub, Big Richie would collar me again and say, "Payback is going to come, Richie. When it’s time for you to have your payback, you open up the gates of Hell and make them stare at the Devil." I never really understood that last part, but it sounded pretty badass.

So when I made it big at the University of Nebraska, that’s exactly what I did: I put other people through hell. I teabagged my teammates in the locker room, blindsided the freshmen on the practice field, and punished our opponents on the weekends. I even perfected the Rich-around. I was a mean motherfucker, but I was a blocking machine.

img code photo … MAN UP – Richie Incognito 2013…

Alvaro Diaz-Rubio


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Even when I went AWOL after flipping over my coach’s desk and getting cut from the team, Oregon still wanted me. And when I gave another coach the finger for telling me to see a shrink, the NFL nonetheless came calling.

And that’s my point. I’m like Dick Cheney: working in the shadows, getting my hands dirty, humping the ugly chick so others can look glamorous in the spotlight. I keep the quarterback with the cute smile and shampoo commercials safe from the vicious dudes on the other side of the line of scrimmage. But I ain’t a saint.

You may not like it, but we bullies have been the unsung heroes this year. Let’s start at the top. Everyone has been angry at the government this year. People keep saying it’s gotten to be like Big Brother, whatever that means. But without your big brother, you’d just get your ass kicked all the time, right?

Sure, the NSA is reading your emails, tapping your phone calls, probably tapping your wife too. Meanwhile, some stooge in a suit is taking your taxes. And TSA agents are poking your bunghole with latex fingers. Big Brother is a bully, but it’s better than having America the Beautiful overrun by jihadis. You’d be speaking Arabic or Urdu or something right now, buddy. Think about that. Urrrr-duuu.

It’s not just the feds who did whatever it took to save us in 2013. Take a look at here in Florida. Rick Scott might look like a poached testicle, but our gonadal head of state governs like a boss. That man brushed off a record .7 billion fine for Medicare fraud like a blown tackle. He ground out an election nastier than any NFL fourth quarter. Sure, his poll numbers tanked harder than Tim Tebow. But instead of spending 2013 making nice, he doubled down on being a dick. Every morning, he stepped over the Dream Defenders protesting outside his office like they weren’t even there. Scott let the kids camp out for weeks — sleeping on linoleum floors and surviving on Styrofoam cups of the capitol’s cruddy coffee — before telling them to get lost: Stand Your Ground was here to stay. What a sadist! LULZ.

Scott’s lieutenant governor resigned in disgrace — some scandal about lesbians and gambling, which sounds like a good time to me — but bossman didn’t even bother replacing her. His hot-as-balls attorney general, Pam Bondi, delayed the execution of a cold-blooded killer so she could throw herself a party. The guv was going to let donors hunt an alligator for ,000. My shotgun and I would have been there in a heartbeat had you morons in the media not found out first. And when Scott’s Republican buddies in D.C. took a stand against tyranny like food stamps and social security checks, so did the guv. He refused to reopen Florida’s parks. Fuck the economy!

What a terrific asshole. And why not? You’re only governor once, Rick — at least with Charlie Crist now in the race. YOGO!

If Scott is the tyrannical quarterback for Team A-Hole, then Miami-area Mayors Manny Maroño, Steve Bateman, and Michael Pizzi are his trio of wide receivers. Or at least they were, until they were arrested.

As the big, swinging dictator in Sweetwater, Manny Maroño was Scott’s number one supporter. He even shaved his head like the guv. In return, Scott made him president of Florida’s League of Cities and allowed his mini-me to start a business development firm named after the governor’s job creation plan. Maroño managed to get his wife, mom, uncle, and buddies on the Sweetwater payroll. And his two tow companies took over the town by bribing public officials and jacking cars whenever they felt like it.

If I may say so, Maroño was the Richie Incognito of Miami mayors. Remember when the Dolphins made a video of me playing croquet and asking fans to remain civilized? It was funny because I really am an asshole, like that time just months earlier when I used a golf club to sexually assault a woman during a team outing. Hilarious, right?

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Wile E. Coyote Business Card .. Genius .. Have Brain Will Travel .. Reverend Bill Proctor “stuck in Atlanta” (July 02, 2011) …item 4.. Comments are posted from viewers – We are not his preferred constituents (Feb 9, 2012 at 01:54 PM) …
email list sale
Image by marsmet523
He was AWOL during Monday’s marathon budget workshop — a meeting in which commissioners made key decisions on how they’ll spend your tax dollars next year — and he also missed Tuesday night’s commission meeting.

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..


It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office.
— Henry Louis Mencken

…..item 1)…. FLORIDA TODAY NEWSPAPER … Proctor misses key budget meetings

Jul 2, 2011

Written by
Jeff Burlew…|head

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has some explaining to do, his colleagues say.

He was AWOL during Monday’s marathon budget workshop — a meeting in which commissioners made key decisions on how they’ll spend your tax dollars next year — and he also missed Tuesday night’s commission meeting.

Commission Chairman John Dailey said he was told Tuesday by Proctor’s aide that the District 1 commissioner was traveling at the time. Commissioner Bryan Desloge said Proctor, who was back in his office Thursday, told him he missed the meetings because he was "stuck in Atlanta."

Proctor didn’t return phone calls or an email from the Democrat.

Desloge said he’s upset Proctor missed the meetings.

"His job is to represent his district, and if he doesn’t attend the meetings, it negates any ability for him to function effectively as a commissioner," Desloge said.

Desloge said Proctor is bright and capable, but "he’s never taken this very seriously. To him, it’s a bit of a game. He could do so much if he’d take this a little more seriously."

Dailey said the commission sans Proctor "worked very well together." He said he’s been too busy with the budget to worry much about Proctor’s whereabouts.

"We are all adults," Dailey said. "I’m taking care of my business for the citizens of District 3 in Leon County. Commissioner Proctor needs to explain his absenteeism to his constituents."

Commissioner Nick Maddox said he can’t speak to Proctor’s philosophy when it comes to meeting attendance.

"I take any meeting, and especially budget workshops, very seriously," Maddox said. "And I think it’s one of the most important things — if not the most important thing — that we do as commissioners. So I make it a priority to be at each and every one of them."

Commissioner Kristin Dozier said the final budget workshop is arguably the most important commission meeting of the year.

"It is crucial for us to be there and be engaged in the process," Dozier said.

Commissioners say they’ve received emails recently from voters calling for Proctor to be removed from office or sanctioned somehow by his colleagues.

The IRS is taking money out of Proctor’s county paycheck each month until it collects nearly ,000 in unpaid income taxes. Proctor also owes more than ,000 to the Florida Elections Commission in fines from his 1998 campaign.

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…..item 2)…. Brainy Quotes …. Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche…paraphrasing…All things are subject to interpretation and that who ever has the power determines the truth.….
…..item 3)…. The Saint Detective Magazine … July 1955 … Reverend Bill Proctor …

referred to himself as an "indentured slave to the state." (June 20, 2011) …..
…..item 4)…. WCTV NEWS …

Posted: 10:35 PM Feb 9, 2012

Animal Control Returns to Wide Road Property

Animal control officers say owner making progress, will return for another inspection next week
Reporter: Mike Springer. Julie Montanaro
Email Address:
[UPDATE] Neighbors Tire of Barking Dogs
Neighbors Tire of Barking Dogs

…..Read Comments…..****** eight (8) comments listed below ******

Comments are posted from viewers like you and do not always reflect the views of this station.

—by Wide Rd. on Feb 9, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Where is our Southside Commissioner?? Mr. Proctor, care to come do your job? His answer would be NO!! We are not his preferred constituents.

—by MissionStatement Location: county on Feb 8, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Animal Control Division Richard Ziegler, Director Animal Control Protecting Leon County’s Animals & Citizens Mission Statement: Improve animal and human well-being through education, prevention, and enforcement programs and humane animal care and control services for the citizens and animals of Leon County. DOES IT LOOK LIKE HE IS LIVING UP TO THE MISSION STATEMENT….NO.

—by Nice mugshot on Feb 7, 2012 at 09:53 AM
h t t p://

—by TOLD YA SO Location: WIDE RD on Feb 7, 2012 at 01:42 AM

—by BURR Location: wide road on Feb 6, 2012 at 11:34 PM
In response to "dont hate the dogs" Yes we have spoken with her and she is very unapproachable and will cuss at you and has flipped us off driving down the road. Shes not a nice lady thats rescuing dogs. Shes a bitter lonely woman with no regards for others or her many dogs as the pictures clearly showed tonite.

—by another viewer Location: tlh on Feb 6, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Yes, she works for the Fire Dept., no she is NOT at all what is normal for them. She is in the process of suing them yet again. Trust me, they would love to be rid of her! As for the dogs, I love dogs, all dogs, but hers have been neglected for years. She has 2 homes, one of hers and one that was left to her by her mother. The dogs have taken over so badly that they are digging under the foundation and it is on the verge of collapse. Her poor child is neglected and yet she still gets away with keeping him by staying just on the right side of the line. Someone PLEASE rescue these animals and the kid! She is in serious need of mental help!!!!

—by enough is enough on Feb 4, 2012 at 07:42 PM
for over a decade Winkelmann has been breeding dogs, she would place ads in the paper selling the husky/hound mix pups. i havent seen her advertise any of the pups for sale in a few years. she did not adopt a dog from the shelter EVER! she doesn’t rescue, she let them breed. this is a case of a few dogs allowed to breed for 10 yrs and producing offspring. and dont blame the evil shelter for her irresponsibility. she’s been offered several vouchers to get her dogs fixed for years. which she refused to do. and now here we are. a decade and nearly a hundred dogs later…

—-by Anonymous on Feb 3, 2012 at 06:35 AM
there is a nuisance law in leon county that can be enforced if the LCSO wants to,i lived in Tallahasee and had a neighbor that had 7 dogs and they would keep us up all night from the barking so we called LCSO and they came out numereous times and the person ended up getting some tickets.
……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………

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ME – MU – Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
mailing list brokers
Image by brizzle born and bred
Mathews’ Bristol Street Directory 1871

Mead Street, Bath Road to St Luke’s Road, Bedminster

George Adams, butcher, Weare mead
James Thomson, grocer, etc
William H. Lonsdale, toy warehouse
William Gill, grocer and tea dealer
James Cobley, tailor and draper
John Courtlce, coach spring maker
Charles Hemmings, grocer, etc
William Harris, general dealer
Harriett Beer, dress maker
St. Luke’s School
Maurice Britton, grocer
James A. Head, boot maker

James Butler, vict, Exeter Inn (pub) 1871 – 74. James Butler / 1876 – 78. Ellen Podbury / 1879 to 1891. George Pollard / 1892. Alice Shipp / 1896. Julia Bird 1899 – 1904. Julia Pope / 1906. Rose Fudge / 1909. John Chorley.

Edward Poole, vict, Princess Royal (pub) 1872 – 75. James Hucker / 1876 – 78. Edward Poole / 1882. C. W. White / 1883 – 89. John Shipway / 1891. Frank Barnes 1892. William Jefferies / 1899. Henry Davis.

Meadow Street, Clark Street to East Street

William Moreton, coach builder, etc
Thomas Organ, boot maker
?. Clark
William Hill
Thomas Newton
James Ayres, tailor
Henry Hunt
?. Blshop
William Carter
George Morris Moore
T. Casling, boot maker
John Bryant
George Richards
Samuel Coombs, shop keeper
Stephen Allwood
Josiah Smith Knight
John Duston
Alfred Munro, iron founder
Robert Price, timber merchant
James and Robert Bush, coopers, etc

Medical Avenue, Old Park Hill

Jane Bees
Peter Tarr
Arthur Stowell
William Fitzpatrick

William Rugman, vict, Old Park Tavern (pub) 1871 William Rugman / 1872 to 1875 Sarah Widgery / 1876 – 91 Edward Horsey / 1896 Alexander McCullock / 1897 William Hardwell 1899 George Evans / 1901 William Hardwell / 1904 Alfred Bird / 1906 Grace Bird / 1909 – 37 Grace Maria Gilbert / 1938 – 44 Philip Hext 1950 Geoffrey Sharpe / 1953 Joseph Edwards.

Melbourne Buildings, St George’s Road

Melbourne Place, St George’s Road

Melbourne Terrace, New Town

William Hall, grocer
John Grifliths
Isaac Webb
Charles Mason
Charles J . White
John Glud
James Manley
John Partridge
Richard Melhuish
Richard Cowell
John Wilkinson
George Jones

James Longstone, vict, Melbourne Tavern (pub) 1871 – 87. James Longstone / 1888 to 1891. Charles Young / 1892. Thomas Stephings / 1899 – 1901. James Randell 1904. J. B. Murray / 1906. Francis Elliott / 1914 – 25. John Hill / 1928. Frederick Skrine.

Melrose Cottages, Melrose Place

1. Mrs Mary Ann Shattock
2. William Henderson
3. Charles F. Ivens
4. William F. Brookman
4. Mrs S. Brookman

Melrose Place, Whiteladies Road

1. John Lovell
2. Lawrence Weaver & Mrs Weaver
3. Charles W. Bragge
4. Mrs M. Dyer
5. Miss Louisa Rogers
6. Miss Mary Thomas
7. Charles Frederick Warner
8. W. Henry Smith
9. George Willis Beebee
10. Thomas F. Hale
Mrs T. Hale
11. James Garaway
Mrs William Garaway
12. Mrs William Jacques
13. Mrs Elizabeth Jones, ladies’ school
Robert Clark, fly proprietor, Brighton mews

Membrey’s Court, Temple Street

Merchant’s Court, Merchant Street

Merchants’ Parade, Hotwell Road

Dudley and Gibson, coal merchants
Mrs Ann Down, linen draper
Henry Mason, hair dresser & tobacconst
George Matthews, greengroccr
Langdon & Parsons, pork butchers
John C. Woodward, ship carpenter
James Saunders, shipwright
Francis Parlitt, window blind maker
William Crawford, ironfounder
William Bell
John Dight, newsagent
Mrs Ann Rendell
Henry Lockyer, hair dresser, etc
Thomas Foley, painter
John Cary
Samuel Glass, gardener and florist
William Turner, painter and glazier
William Merchant, shipwright

William Roue, vict, Cumberland & Steam Packet Hotel (pub) On the corner with Merchants’ Road, also known as the Cumberland & Steam Packet Hotel, the Steam Packet was demolished in February 1963 for road widening. This corner is now the site of modern housing.

Eliza Jones, vict, Beaufort House (pub) 1871. Eliza Jones / 1872 – 74. Marwood F. Miller / 1876. James Wood.

William Leigh, vict, Princess Alexandra (pub) 1869 – 72. William Leigh / 1874 – 77. James Wood.

Edward John Chaffey, vict, Albion Tavern (pub) 1853 – 60. John Beynon / 1861. Sophia Moore / 1868. Benjamin Mackey / 1869. John Chaffey / 1871 – 77. Edward Chaffey 1878 to 1886. Robert Hiscock / 1887. Peter Kennedy / 1889. Francis Whittard / 1891 – 1906. James Parker / 1909 – 17. Robert Bowhey 1921. Henry Staddon / 1925. Ernest Sparks / 1928 – 31. Edith Sparks / 1935 – 38. Arthur Pleass / 1944 – 53. Arthur Austens.

George Preston, vict, Globe Tavern (pub) 1857 – 79. George Preston / 1882 – 1914. John Powell / 1917 – 21. Ellen Powell / 1928 – 40. Caroline Powell / 1940. Arthur Holland 1942 – 44. Doreen Bradley Newman / 1944. May Violet Wood / 1950 – 53. May Violet Cornwell (nee Wood) Arthur Holland’s tenancy commenced on the 22nd November 1940, the rent was £35 per annum. The tenancy of Doreen Newman commenced on the 6th October 1942, the rent was still £35 per annum. May Wood’s tenancy commenced on the 17th January 1944, the rent was £35 per annum and the landlords were The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Merchant Street, Broadmead to Broad Weir

William Freeman, coffee house
George West, furniture broker
Joseph Moss, boot maker & news-agent
Winter Harris, earthenware dealer
Charles Biles, general dealer
?. Adams, greengrocer
William S. Lawrence, plumber, etc
Thomas Smith, botanical druggist
George Lewis, eating house
Thomas Hopegood, oil and colorman
Mary Crook, furniture dealer
Thomas Bailey, grocer
George Jenkins, eating house
Sophia Maynes, furniture broker
Sarah Williams
Thomas Webb, butcher
Timothy Williams, hair dresser
James Smith, horse hair manufacturer
Jonathan Hill, mahogany merchant
William Evans, lock smith
William Henry Moore, photographer
Merchant Tailor’s Almshouses
James Summerfield, shoeing forge
Edwin Grifliths, cabinet maker
William Thomas Davis, undertaker
Henry Sprod, furniture broker
Perry Page, furniture broker
John Brown, tanner
Edwin Stallard, furniture broker
James White, ironmonger

Maria E. Townsend, vict, Elephant & Castle (pub) 1806 John Fletcher Norman / 1816 – 20 Lewis Lewis / 1822 – 51 Elizabeth Lewis / 1853 – 54 William Bennett / 1855 ? Morgan 1856 – 58 Frederick K. Turner / 1860 R. Smerdon / 1861 Thomas Wooles / 1863 George Mabin / 1865 – 68 John White 1869 – 72 Maria Townshend / 1874 – 75 William Knapp / 1876 – 79 Susannah Knapp / 1881 – 83 John Glass / 1885 – 87 Frederick Vile 1888 Eugene Edward Mortier / 1889 Clara Edwards / 1891 Sarah Jane Harris / 1894 Albert Bready / 1896 John Davey 1897 Kate Davey / 1899 William Daniels / 1901 – 09 Emily Naish / 1911 Amy Isabel George.

Thomas Mercer, vict, Foresters’s Arms (pub) 1863 – 69 James Hale / 1871 Thomas Mercer / 1872 to 1874 Joseph Manning jnr. / 1875 Charles Cleves / 1876 Sarah Whitrow 1877 H. Richards / 1878 J. Phillips / 1879 William Tutton / 1881 – 82 Elizabeth Halford / 1883 to 1887 Sarah Perry 1888 – 92 Emily Harriet Perry / 1896 Charles Watkins / 1897 – 99 James Buffin / 1901 Albert Martin.

Thomas Daniels, vict, Bird in Hand (pub) 1868 – 74 Thomas Daniels / 1875 John Stacey / 1876 James B. Thomas / 1877 – 83 Thomas White / 1885 – 88 Francis John Treasure 1891 – 96 Henry Pacey / 1899 – 1914 Elizabeth Showering.

James Burcher, vict, Merchant’s Arms (pub) 1844 – 56 J. G. Perry / 1858 – 59 Richard Hillier / 1860 William Grant / 1861. Thomas Baker / 1863 James David / 1865 Henry Barber 1866 Henry Coombs / 1867 Edmund Jobbins / 1868 John Toms / 1869 James Bowsher / 1871 – 72 James Burcher 1874 – 83 Charles Hooper / 1885 – 87 Alex Cameron / 1888 John Newton / 1889 Elizabeth Rogers / 1891 – 93 Joseph Kelly 1896 – 99 Edwin Bailey / 1901 Arthur Jordan / 1904 – 09 Charles Holley / 1914 Alexander Miller / 1917 – 28 Eli Courtney Holley 1931 Lilian Bicker / 1935 – 44 John Sprackling / 1950 Reginald Porter / 1951 – 53 Harry Edward Salisbury.

George Harris, vict, Green Fields of Erin (pub) later named the Britannia. 1871 George Harris / 1872 James Davis / 1872 to 1873 John Stockham / 1874 Thomas Dufty / 1875 R. Davis.

Frederick Jones, vict, Mail Coach (pub) 1839 – 44 John White / 1847 – 57 Henry Hill / 1858 – 61 Thomas Tuckfield / 1863 – 71 Frederick Jones / 1872 to 1873 John Leach 1874 to 1875 Alfred Barnett / 1876 Emma Barnett / 1877 J. Vickers / 1878 – 79 Henry Jones / 1882 Sarah Graves / 1883 George Old 1885 – 87 Charles Hooper / 1888 William Cornish / 1889 James Dart / 1891 – 99 Charles Brock / 1901 T. J. Donovan 1904 – 09 Kate Lane / 1914 George Cox / 1917 – 21 Edwin Shortman / 1925 – 31 J. W. Turner / 1935 Joseph Haberfield 1937 – 44 Harry Robbins / 1950 – 53 William Durbin. John White was a coachman and victualler. The Mail Coach closed in the early fifties, the building was taken over in 1955 by Salansons Photographics and was demolished a couple of years later.

Finlay Ringland, vict, Stag & Hounds (pub) 1754 – 64 William Sweet / 1775 James Prowlin / 1794 Jane Hopkins / 1800 Elizabeth Holmes / 1806 – 54 James Hill 1855 to 1856 John Evans / 1857 to 1858 F. W. Pool / 1859 Anne Manning / 1860 – 63 Charles Chapple / 1867 – 69 Thomas Price 1871 – 74 Finlay Ringland / 1875 – 79 Henry Wintle / 1881 – 82 Charlotte Sage. James Hill was also a dealer in mahogany, deal and other timber.

Henry Knight, vict, Millwrights’ Arms (pub) No listing found?

Merchants’ Place, Cumberland Basin to Hotwell Road

Mrs Sarah Kingman, grocer
Clifton Infant School – John Bryant, master
Henry E. Perrin, baker & confectioner

Reuben Hollyman, vict, Merchants’ Arms (pub) On the corner of Charles Place, it was a Simonds outlet but is now owned by Bath Ales. Recently known as Ollie’s it is now named the Merchants’ Arms again.

James Davis, vict, Masons’ Arms (pub) 1871 – 77. James Davis / 1878. H. S. Groves.

Merchants’ Road, Victoria Square to Regent Street, Clifton

Right Rev. Bishop D. Anderson, Clifton Parsonage
St. James’ Chaple of Ease
J. B. Barrow, builder, etc
Mark Blake, fly proprietor
William Carter, carpenter

Mercy Place, Church Street, Temple

Merefield’s Buildings, Redcross Street

Meridian Buildings, Paddock, Street, St. Philips

Meridian Place, Tottenham Place to Frederick Place

Miss Murphy
Mrs L. Carter
Joseph Lindsey
Willlam P. Francis
Mrs D. Hardy
Miss Brown
Jonas Rousseau
Robert Miller
Simon J etfery
Capt. Gill
James A. Webber
Charles Steele, surgeon
William J. Knight
Miss Lambert
Miss Eliza Protheroe
William Kendall
Miss K. Fisher
Mrs Mathias
Edward Watson
Mrs Watson, milliner
Mrs Hutstein
Alfred H. Eyre
Rev. Charles Barker
Miss E. Hay
Mrs Hornsby
Miss Arrowsmith
Frederick T. Swanton
Thomas J. Marshall
Rev. John B. Goldberg
Mrs M. Fitzgerald, lodging house
Elijah Stanley
Mrs S. Kendall
Miss Gane, lodging house
Miss Longman
Miss Sargeant
Charles Brock

Meridian Vale, Berkeley Place to Roman Catholic Chapel

1. William Drissel
2. Thomas Hunter, (custom house)
3. Joseph Young
4. Emanuel White
5. Edward Lee
6. John Masson
7. William Barnaby
8. William Baller Wilcox
9. Robert Whitehead

Merrywood Lane, North Street to Southville

Thomas Daines, C.E.
Rev. Canon Henry Goldney Randall, Merrywood hall

Middle Avenue, Queen Square to Prince Street

Middle Lane, off Newfoundland Street

Milk street, Horsefair to Newfoundland Street

Henry Randall, greengrocer
John Widgery, hairdresser
Mardon, Son, & Hall, printers, etc
C. E. Gurnsey, tin ware manufacturer
Henry Woodgate, boot maker
Milk Street Chaple
William Parker, furniture painter
Mrs L. Winter, upholsteress
Thomas Clancy, newsagent
George Weare tea dealer
Henry Lee, butcher
Margaret Parkinson, fishmonger
Henry Scull, bacon curer
William Hatton, confectioner
Frederick Bennett, beer retailer
Stephen W. Webb, grocer
Jones & Co. bakers
Robert Warry, druggist
Joseph Bishop, grocer
Elizabeth Whiting, butcher
Charles Stafford, oil and colorman
William & George F. Tuckey, plumbers
Job Richards, clock case maker
Edmund Jancey, French polisher
Misericordia Society – Mrs Edward Strickland, secretary
Francis Bate, boot maker
Jesse Dickes, beer seller
Frederick Jones Duggan, lamp manufacturer
Thomas Strong, wholesale boot manufacturer
Thomas Portch, painter
George Light, boot maker
Edwin Tilly, carpenter
Thomas Nutt, butcher
James C. Mockridge, tailor
Mary Ann Phillips, dress maker
Samuel Ivey, grocer
Alfred Johnson, greengrocer
Robert Price, timber merchant
John Ford, currier
Joseph Hook, carpenter & builder
Edward Senington, greengrocer
John Grifiith, turner
John R. Slade, tobacconist, etc
James A. Randall, builder, etc
John Moore, grocer
Edwin Saunders, haberdasher
Thomas Lee, tin-plate worker
Charles A. Claridge, marine stores
Henry Shackson, hay & corn dealer
Andrew T. Pearse, baker
Edwin Tippetts, tailor
William Pocock, carpenter
William Hodges, baker, etc
John Davis, butcher
James Pymm, greengrocer
Isaac Fowler, furniture broker
William Besley, greengrocer
George Andrews, tinman
John Fletcher, greengrocer
W. J. Balmer, porter stores
George Jelfs, hairdresser, etc
James Lucas, dining rooms
Henry Lane, plumber, gas fitter and loan ofiice
Bromhead & Son, iron mongers & kitchen range manufacturer
Summers & Co.
Ridley’s Almshouses

John Williams, vict, Crown & Cushion (pub) On the corner with St.James’s Square Avenue, the Crown & Cushion was pulled down in 1958.

Edmund Chapman, vict, Plume of Feathers (pub) No.1 Milk Street, on the corner with Barrs Street, converted into a shop before world war one, the Plume of Feathers was demolished in 1953 during the Broadmead re-development. This pub would now stand at the Horsefair entrance to Debenhams department store.

Edward Weight, vict, Sugar Loaf (pub) Just across the road from the Lamb & Anchor the Sugar Loaf was demolished in 1958. When the door numbers in Milk street ran consecutively the Sugar Loaf was at No.25. Around 1877-78 the system of alternate numbering was introduced, and the Sugar Loaf became No.45.

Hester Davy, vict, Bunch of Grapes (pub) With the building of the inner circuit road in the early 1960’s this pub found itself on the corner of Bond Street and Newfoundland Street, it was demolished in 1982 for the Spectrum office building and road widening. 1800 Edward Onion / 1806 Stephen Watts / 1816 William George Barnett / 1820 Mary Barnett / 1822 – 26 James Marshall 1828 – 40 John Norrish / 1842 William Burnell / 1844 – 47 Matthew Herman / 1848 – 63 Thomas Davey / 1865 – 89 Hester Davey 1891 – 94 John Davey / 1896 – 97 Herbert Patrick / 1899 – 1904 Maria Williams / 1906 Herbert Hodge / 1909 Frank Bishop 1911 to 1937 Henry Burt / 1938 Albert Coker / 1944 – 50 Percival Pollock / 1953 William Ward / 1975 W. Watson. On the 24th June 1889 the Bunch of Grapes was taken on a 10 year lease at a rent of £55 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to the Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892 for the total sum of £11,000.

R. H. Pring, vict, Lamb & Anchor (pub) On the corner with Leek Lane the original small corner pub was replaced around 1901 with a huge red and yellow brick building which in turn was pulled down in 1959 during the post war changes to the Broadmead shopping area.

William Norman, vict, Volunteer (pub) 1826 – 34 Philip Gane / 1837 – 44 Mary Gane / 1847 – 48 Joseph Randell / 1849 George Thomas / 1851 – 53 William Watts 1854 William Smith / 1855 – 58 James D. Llewellin / 1860 – 61 John Harris / 1863 Thomas Rossiter / 1865 – 66 Joseph Miliere 1866 John Smeerden / 1867 John Hawkins / 1868 – 69 Joseph Quarman / 1871 William Norman / 1872 Henry Parker 1874 – 75 Joseph Charles Holbrook / 1876 William Sparkes / 1877 – 78 A. Porter / 1879 William Hill / 1882 ? Bateman 1883 John Furber / 1885 – 86 Henry Rogers / 1887 John Rogers / 1888 Elizabeth Rogers / 1889 – 97 James Curry / 1899 Mrs E. Miles 1901 David Cronin / 1904 – 09 William Lewis.

Thomas Edwards, vict, Bath Arms (pub) When the door numbers in Milk street ran consecutively, the Bath Arms was at No.70. Around 1877-78 the system of alternate numbering was introduced, and the Bath Arms became No.12. Converted into a greengrocers shop in 1914, the building was pulled down along with the rest of Milk Street in the late 1950’s.

Mill Avenue, Queen Square to Welsh Back

Mill Lane, 22, East Street, Bedminster, to Mill Street

Mill Street, Mill Lane, East Street, Bedminster

William Davy, policeman, Millbrook cottage

George Parker, vict, Sawyers’ Arms (pub) Providence Place (Mill Lane) 1847. Elijah Tamplin / 1848 to 1853. William Chaffey / 1853. Richard Jenkins / 1854 to 1856. D. Jenkins / 1857 – 69. R. Jenkins 1871 – 82. George Parker / 1883. J. Summers / 1885. John Pitman / 1886 – 88. John Pavey / 1889 – 1928. Mark Green.

Millpond Street, Baptist Mills

Edward Gunter & Son, fell mongers & wool staplers
J. A. White, earthenware manufacturer

Jesse Slade, vict, West of England Tavern (pub) 1871 – 72. Jesse Slade / 1881. J. Taylor / 1881 – 83. Edward V. Bateman / 1885 – 91. Sarah Webber / 1892 – 96. Sarah Bull 1899 – 1901. William Andrews.

Harriet Pascoe, vict, Lion (pub) no listing?

Mill’s Cottages, Earl Street

Mill’s Place, 41, Milk Street

Millbrook Cottages, Mill Lane, Bedminster

Milsom’s Buildings, Pipe Lane, Temple

Milsom’s Buildings, West Park, Cotham

Milsom’s Court, Temple Street

Milsom’s Court, Wade Street

Milsom Street, Stapleton Road to Goodhind Street

Mina Road, Baptist Mills

Mitchell Lane, Thomas Street to Temple Street

Walter Warner, beer retailer
James Dart, butcher
John Boyle, marine stores
John White
F. Osmond, marine stores
G. Hunt, watch maker
Matthew Braine, boot maker

Royal Standard (pub) Mitchell Lane. 1840. Robert Bright

Myrtle Tree (pub) Near the corner with Mitchell Lane, the Myrtle Tree which was one of many coaching inns in the vicinity of Thomas Street closed in the early 1880’s when it became the parcels office of the London & North Western Railway Company. The connection with parcels seems to date from earlier times, in the 1860’s landlord Isaac Bizley was also a mail contractor.

Monk Street, Newfoundland Street

Monmouth Place, Oxford Road, Dings

Montague Buildings, Upper Montpelier

Montugue Hill, Dighton Street to Kingsdown Parade

Charles Hodges, cabinet maker
William Paul, carpenter
John Lever, (police)
George Prestidge
Miss Prestidge, milliner
Thomas H. Ley
James Hole, painter
James Kidney
Edward Price
James Parslow
Louisa Thomas, greengrocer

William Gratton, vict, Montugue Hill Porter Stores (pub) 1863 – 67 Thomas Manfield / 1868 – 72 William Gratton / 1874 – 75 Maria Georgina Gratton / 1876 – 79 Stephen Knight 1881 to 1886 Edwin Leach / 1887 to 1888 Sarah Leach / 1889 to 1910 Sarah Vowles / 1911 – 19 John Vowles 1921 – 38 Thomas Clements.

William T. White, vict, Crystal Place (pub) (off license, general stores) 1871 – 77 William White / 1879 Emma Morgan / 1881 – 82 Jane Shee / 1883 – 1891 John Jenkins / 1894 John Howard 1896 – 97 Edward Brown / 1899 Mrs. E. Brown / 1901 – 31 Elsie Richardson / 1933 – 38 Daisy Maud Archer / 1944 Mrs. W. Richards 1950 Olive Irene Green / 1958 Esther Fantini (the annual rent paid by Daisy Maud Archer in 1933 was £20, the landlords were The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited).

William Bracher, vict, Fox & Crane (pub) 1754 – 55 Henry Harris / 1764 Mary Jones / 1847 Joseph Reeve / 1848 to 1853 William Renshaw / 1854 to 1857 William Fowler 1858 William Bishop / 1860 – 69 Isaac Bracher / 1871 – 77 William Bracher / 1878 – 79 Mary Tavener / 1881 – 82 John Voke 1883 A. Matthews / 1885 – 86 James Pearce / 1888 – 89 George Pearce / 1891 – 97 James William Pearce / 1899 William James Pearce 1901 Robert Cole.

(Cottage Place)

Thomas Luke
John Vaughan
Francis Gribble
Miss Gribble
William Poole
Henry Pople, shoe maker
George Lewis
Mrs Richardson

(Montugue Terrace)

Mrs Henry Mills, grocer
William Thomas
Frederick Howe
John Palmer
J. Wrankmore, grainer, etc
William Weeks, mason
W. Walters, gardener
W. Tucker
J. Jones, gas fitter, etc
John Evans
William Bradbeer
Mrs Ann O’Halloran
Rev. William Barlow, Montague house
Charlotte Warren, Burley house
Robert Burgess Saren, Devon house
Miss Lander
Thomas Davis, Prior house
R. Jenkins, teacher of music
William Jenkins, boot maker
Harriet Rawle
Miss Mitten’s school

Montague Place, back of Montague, Kingsdown Parade

Mrs Remball, Colston Fort house
George Aplin, gas fitter & bell hanger
William Davis
Ward and Hewett, brewers
Mary Trousdall, news agent, etc

Montague Place, Marlborough Street

Montague Street (Lower), St James Barton to Charles Street

G. B. Smith
George Lacey, carpenter
Henry John Naish, painter, etc
Domestic Mission Chapel – Rev. William Andrews
William Shrives, grocer and butcher
Martha Wells, grocer
John C. McBean, boot maker
Ellen May, grocer
Mary A. Hillier, greengrocer
William Grace, paper hanger
Edwin Allen, news-agent
George R. Stinchcombe, grocer, etc
William Morley, marine stores
William Elkins
William Chapman, musician
Thomas Philpott, baker
William Walker, china repairer
Edward Smith, dyer
Thomas Russell, brick & tile maker
Mrs Sims, dress and mantle maker
John Morgan

G.W. Bartlett, tailor, vict, Montague Arms (pub) 1869 – 71 G. W. Bartlett / 1872 Edmund Jancey / 1874 – 76 Henry Tripp / 1877 – 78 R. Clake / 1883 Selina Wilshire 1885 – 86 James Cooper.

James Willcox, vict, Masons’ Arms (pub) 1806 Joseph Hughes / 1816 Elizabeth Hughes / 1822 Joseph Churcher / 1823 – 72 John Davis / 1874 James Endicott 1875 to 1878 Frederick Orchard / 1879 Thomas Orchard / 1881 – 82 James Lacey / 1883 – 86 Wadham Clark / 1887 William Hall 1888 – 91 Sidney Daw / 1892 C. Griggle.

(Beaufort Place)

Mrs Tyler
James Osborne
William Cowle
George Westlake
Joseph Fewings, boot closer
Mrs Webber
George Hughes
Benjamin Smith
William Rees, boot closer
James Westlake, baker
James Horne, grocer & potato dealer
George Mifflin (Miffin), dairyman and grocer

Montague Street (Upper), Charles Street to Dighton Street

Stephen Cotter, grocer
James Brown, boot manufacturer
Henry Ashley, carpenter & undertaker
Henry Poole
James Weeks, tailor
George Stooke, accountant
Henry Wathem
John Maish, general shop
Robert Whaites
George Bird, carver
Thomas Bird
William Yard, greengrocer
Elisha Gooding, painter
Charles Curtis, cabinet maker
James Broom, carpenter
Frederick Gee, relieving officer

James Phillips, vict, Bunch of Grapes (pub) 1865 – 69 E. Renshaw / 1871 – 72 James Phillips / 1874 Samuel Stone / 1875 Maria Lewis / 1876 – 77 John Little 1879 – 80 George Speed / 1882 – 83 Samuel Maundrell.

Montague Terrace, Montague Hill

Montpelier Buildings, Richmond Road, Montpelier

Montpelier Place, bottom of Picton Street, to Rennison’s Bath

John Coates
Edwin Forsey
Robert Standrick
George Joseph Harris
Daniel Thomas Taylor, bell hanger & gasfitter
Edward Cornelius Bellringer
Joseph Hemmings, gardener
Charles Moores, (police)
Sarah Davis

James Sims, vict, Masons’ Arms (pub) (bottom of Picton Street) 1853. H. Ewins / 1854 – 65. Charles Bealing / 1871. James Sims.

Moon Street, 25, North Street

John Read
Ann Thompson, Hope
Charles Yates, baker
George Northam
C. F. Trapnell
Thomas Bailey
C. Tovey, wine merchant
John Vowles, tailor
Alfred Jones, farrier
Eliza Moore
Ann Davis
William Wilson, cabinet maker
Wesleyan Training School
William Wookey, school house

Wesleyan Day, Infant and Sunday Schools, Moon Street, North Street, St Pauls

These were built on the site of the old ‘Circus’. The foundation stone was laid on April 14th 1857 by Thomas Farmer Esq of Gunnersbury, Middlesex. A large crowd of people including many Wesleyan ministers and gentlemen of the city connected to the Methodist worship plus the scholars numbering about 100 marched in procession to the spot. There was singing and prayer and James Budgett presented the silver trowel bearing an inscription which was used in the ceremony to Mr Farmer.

‘Rev Robert Young being President and Rev John Hannah DD, Secretary of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference which held its session for year 1856 in Bristol’. This was part of an inscription in vellum along with a glass bottle of coins of the realm dated that year which were placed in a hollow beneath the stone.

Also listed on the vellum were the names of the Trustees of the school – James Smith Budgett, Thomas Pethick, William Avery, Obed Hosegood, Edward Clader, Thomas Dix, Thomas Cordeaux, James Bisdee Hellier, William Henry Budgett, Samuel Budgett, Frederick Cordeaux, John Allison, Nathaniel Lomas, Thomas Gay, Thomas Evans, Henry Hellier, Thomas Crocker, John Evans and T H Pengelly.

The schools opened on January 12th 1858. They were built in the Tudor style with pennant stone walls. On the ground floor were a small room for 150 infants and an industrial school for 100 girls. A large classroom fitted up with a gallery was attached to each school room. The ‘spacious stone staircase’ gave access to the first floor which was occupied by a school room 60 ft by 31 ft for about 250 children of both sexes, with two large classrooms with galleries opening into this. There was a residence for the master and also a playground in front of the school, 200 ft by 40 ft which was covered in at both ends and fitted with swings.

The Committee of the Council on Education had given a grant of £1526 towards defrayment of the costs which would be between £4000 and £5000, much of the rest of which was raised by donations. The architects were Foster and Wood and building was by several contractors. Masons – John King, carpenters – Thomas Morris, tilers- James Diment, plumbers – Gibbs & Thatcher.

The opening was concluded with an evening tea meeting which was attended by the Bristol MP, W H G Langton. Various speeches were then made and it was concluded with the doxology.
Six months later the school was described as ‘ having progressed very satisfactorily, with 300 attending daily’. George Thomas gave an exposition of the method employed in the instruction The infants were examined in various preliminary branches of education and in the evening the juveniles were examined in the rudiments of good practical education.

Some members of staff as listed in directories, etc: Mr Mawbey (Master), Mrs E Mawbey (Mistress), Miss Baber (Infant teacher) 1872.

Moore’s Cottages, Woburn Place, Hotwells

Moore’s Court, Old Bread Street

Moorfields, Lawrence Hill

Montrose Terrace, Clifton Wood Terrace

Moravian Hill, Black Friars, Lewins Mead

Morgan Court, 9, Love Street, Hotwells

Morgan Court, St. George’s Road

Morgan Court, Lower Lamb Street, St. Augustines

Morgan Street, Pylle Hill

Morley Street, Magdalene Terrace, Baptist Mills

Morley Terrace, Richmond Road, St. Philip’s

Mrs Ellicott, midwife
Mrs Warne
Henry Hurse
Joseph Burford
G. Randle
J. Clarke
Daniel Mathews
John Marriott
Henry Bruton
Mrs Bennett
William Jacobs
Tnomas Poole
J . Haskins
J. M. James
?. Oliver
Charles Mills
William Richards
Edwin Magrath
F. James Bateman, painter, etc
John Sherrard
William Holbrow, builder

William Brewer, vict, Marquis of Worcester (pub) no listing?

Morris’ Court, near Temple Street

Morton Street, Becketsfield, St. Pauls

Mount Pleasant, Belgrave Road, Durdham Down

Mount Pleasant, North Street, Bedminster

Mount Pleasant, Johns Lane, Totterdown

George Anstee
William Kirby
James Clark, Bushy villa

Mount Pleasant Terrace, North Street, Bedminster

Mount Pleasant Terrace, Union Road, Dings

Mulberry Place, Barton Street, St. James

Murch’s Buildings, Queen Street, Bedminster

Museum Avenue, bottom of Park Street

N – Bristol Street Directory 1871

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