3 Key Strategies For Better Email Re-Engagement

3 Key Strategies For Better Email Re-Engagement
ss-email-man When it comes understanding customer data and how best to leverage it to a company's advantage, marketers have a lot to learn from data scientists. Data scientists draw insights from data sets and then use those insights to manage things …
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Young, passionate, and patriotic
“Unlike other companies, we don't have any products to sell, but we offer services to our clients, namely the building owners and occupiers in the market. The goal is for us give our clients the best deal we can possibly find them in the location of …
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How to Enhance Your Email Marketing With Facebook Advertising
On Facebook, you can directly bid for “website conversions” to pay when customers give you their email address for a new offer or promotion. A recent report from ACCENT Marketing Research found that two-thirds of consumers use Facebook to find good …
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