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Email Marketing Best Practices for Law Firms
A significant percentage of us now read emails on our smartphones or tablets, so be sure you use an email delivery service like Constant Contact or iContact (two of many) that will help ensure your messages are delivered appropriately. © The Rainmaker …
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A Service-Based Business's Guide to Email Marketing
Service-based businesses like computer repair shops, staffing agencies, cleaning services, marketing companies, e-commerce businesses and a whole host of others use email marketing to promote their business. While many service-based businesses embrace …
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Proposed Pacific free-trade agreement gets mostly thumbs-up in Nebraska, Iowa

Proposed Pacific free-trade agreement gets mostly thumbs-up in Nebraska, Iowa
Asia, home to five of the Trans-Pacific agreement nations, is “a big critical market,” said Gregg Fujjan, who grows corn and soybeans about 50 miles west of Omaha. A new and fast-growing niche, he said, is the use of soybean meal as feed for farmed fish.
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How did officials miss pill-mill operation?
These two methods allowed the “patients” to not only build a track record but a baseline for the amount of opiates they could be prescribed and not draw undue attention. Woods himself received in a single prescription … She, Hill and others …
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10 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

10 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List
These could include discounts, insider information, contest entries or other perks they can get as long as they get on your mailing list. Create Incentives: Be creative. Give subscribers a perk if they forward the email (such as a newsletter) to a …
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7 Ways to Increase Opt-ins and Build a Quality Email List
Your focus in any effort to grow your list should be on getting more targeted and quality subscribers that are a good match for your business versus just increasing your subscriber number with dead-weight non-interested email addresses. I'll take 50 …
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How to Build a Contact List to Grow a Relationship With Your Readers
If you set up your website so that a name and email address are required for the download, you will begin to build a mailing list. Indicate during this sign-up that you'll be adding their names to a mailing list, just so they know, and allow them to …
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Why email marketing is still in style — and thriving

Why email marketing is still in style — and thriving
While we as marketers like talking about the hot new platform du jour, email marketing has been around since the '90s, is appropriate for every audience, and delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) in digital marketing. As it turns out, … It …
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Businesses vastly underestimate impact of a personal connection in customer
Those surveyed stated they would be more likely to make a purchase if the caller took time to research the business and understand their goals (86%), identified gaps or needs within their business to support their product or service (86%), referenced …
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Scam artists come up with new ways to fool you for your money
Legitimate companies will not request this information by email. Contact the institution directly if you're not sure. If you do fall victim to a scam, first of all don't beat yourself up about it. Scam artists are very good at what they do! Second, do …
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Do Likes Lead to Revenue with Facebook Ads?
The question isn't do they, the question is how do they? Many experienced advertisers would agree that gaining a prospect's opt-in and adding them to your email list is a valuable action for users to take on your website. Now that you have their email …
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ANZ a potential buyer as RBS plans regional sell-off
The move to run off parts of the RBS business in the Asia-Pacific has implications for the structure of any sale process, with ANZ the likely leader on any list of local contenders, although rivals Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and National Australia Bank …
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Investors Are Drooling Over Two New Craigslist Competitors. One Might Raise
Each site also makes it very simple to list items for sale, especially from a smartphone. This approach has been attractive to a set of … (If you have more information on this deal, please email me at The startup, led by CEO Nick …
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How My App Ended Up In An Apple Ad, And What Happened Next
It all began when I received an email out of the blue back in March from Apple's outside ad agency, TBWA\Media Arts (the company now has its own in-house agency too). They wanted me to know that our app was being … Before the ad hit, Quick Fit wasn't …
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