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Ordering Courier Service Via Email

It seems that these days you can practically run a business through email. The courier industry is no exception to the general trends affecting the business world these days, and most couriers are going to conduct a very large portion of their business through electronic channels. That means that if you need to request that your distribution logistics company send someone out to make a pickup of a shipment, you should be able to submit that request through email.

If you want to order courier service through email, you should contact your courier company first and find out what procedures they prefer for online ordering. Almost every courier company is going to have a way that you can place orders over the internet. However, the exact method for doing so can be different from company to company.

Ask your courier company what email address you should send a message to when you want to order service. For instance, a very small company might only have one email address that they use for everything, including ordering service. Another company might have an email that they use for order requests, another for billing and another for general inquiry. Another courier company might go the way of having customer email their specific account representatives. You might also be able to find out from your courier’s website what they prefer when ordering service over the internet.

Some couriers don’t have an email address at all that you’re supposed to use when ordering service. Instead, they have a form that automatically emails the information to the correct location. This will usually be found on their website or within the software that you can log into as an account member. If a courier company has this option, the automation makes it hands down the best way to order service.

Wherever you have to send it to, ordering courier service through email offers a number of advantages over phoning in your orders. For one thing, email is quick, often only taking a minute to place an order. You would have to be very lucky to make a phone call and only be on hold and on the line for less time than it takes to compose an email. Second, emails help make sure that no mistakes are made, because the courier has all the relevant information laid out directly before them, eliminating errors like typos or misunderstood directions that can happen over the telephone.

Chris Ellis is a consultant for trucking service and North Dakota Logistics companies.

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How To Build An Email List Fast: A Step-By-Step Blueprint

How To Build An Email List Fast: A Step-By-Step Blueprint

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