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Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is Spicy
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Free picture about the funny email spam that is canned in golden cans and the frozen for the winter comsumption. This meaty spam and spices picture was created for you by the humbly friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam
Hormel’s new miracle meat in a can
Tastes fine, saves time
If you want something grand, ask for SPAM.

The most widespread types of spam:

According to Kaspersky Lab, in February, 2010 post spam on the Internet was distributed on subject as follows: 18,9% — education, 15,7% — rest and travel, 15,5% — medicines, goods/service for health, 9,2% — computer fraud, 6,5% — computers and the Internet, 5,2% — remarks of elite goods, 4,1% — advertizing of spam services, 2,7% — for adults, 2,2% — real estate, 2,2% — legal services, 1,9% — personal finance, 1,4% — polygraphy.

Some companies which are engaged in legal business, advertize the goods or services by means of spam. Appeal of such advertizing — the low cost and (allegedly) big scope of prospective clients. However, such advertizing can have and a boomerang effect, causing vigilance in receivers.

By means of spam advertize products about which it is impossible to report by other methods — for example, a pornography, counterfeit goods (counterfeits, a seized property), medicines with restrictions on the turnover, illegally received classified information (databases), the counterfeit software.
Here advertizing of services of spam sending (Legislatively in Russia spam is forbidden, but fight against spammers legal methods is extremely complicated) belongs also.

Information prohibited by the legislation on advertizing — for example, discrediting competitors and their products — also can extend by means of spam.

Sometimes spam is used by swindlers to entice money at the receiver of the letter. The most widespread method received the name "Nigerian letters" because a large number of such letters came from Nigeria. Such letter contains the message that the receiver of the letter can receive somehow a large sum of money, and the sender can help it with it. Then the sender of the letter asks to transfer to it a little money under the pretext of, for example, paperwork or account opening. Vymanivaniye of this amount also is the purpose of swindlers.
Narrower name of this type of fraud — скам or скам 419 (according to article number in UK of Nigeria).

"Phishing" (English phishing from password — the password and fishing — fishing) — one more method of fraud. It represents attempt of spammers to entice at the receiver of the letter of number of its credit cards or passwords of access to systems of on-line payments. Such letter usually masks under the official report from bank administration. In it it is said that the receiver shall confirm data on, differently its account will be blocked, and the site address (belonging to spammers) with a form which should be filled is given. Among data which are required to be reported, there are also what are necessary to swindlers. In order that the victim didn’t guess deception, registration of this site also imitates registration of an official site of bank.

The biggest flow of spam extends through e-mail (e-mail). Now the share of viruses and spam in a general traffic of e-mail constitutes by different estimates from 70 to 95 percent. In spam advertizing of popular specific goods often meets: Rolex (counterfeit), Viagra (generics), etc.

Recently the considerable part of popular social networks coming to users and dating sites of personal messages is spam which is often dispatched on behalf of users, logins and passwords to whose accounts fell into hands of spammers (that facilitates a bypass of various restrictions). Except personal messages also can be used and other methods of communication on social networks — invitations in groups/communities, requests for "friendship", "walls" / "guest books" etc.

Recently websites on which it is possible to leave comments (for example, forums and blogs) or what can be edited freely — Wicca became popular. As these pages are open for free editing, on them spam — splogs can be placed. Similar spam especially irritates that it is more difficult to remove it (as a rule, in forums and blogs only exclusive users — respectively can edit messages, the ordinary participant shall contact someone from them).

Search spam — pages and the web sites created for the purpose of a manipulation by results in issue of search engines, for example, дорвеи — pages with keywords and the automatic redirection on the "necessary" site.

Spam can extend not only on the Internet. Advertizing messages and letters with a request, sent on mobile phones by means of Sms, are especially unpleasant to that is more difficult to be protected from them.

Testing and the analysis of results of spam sending steadily shows its exclusively low performance, and often and almost complete futility. For example, during an advertizing campaign in California from 75869 computers in 26 days 350 million notices on sale of new medicine on a natural basis were dispatched. As a result the firm secured 28 orders.

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How To Build An Email List

E-mail marketing, otherwise known as or opt-in marketing, can be a very profitable business because it gives you a list of customers that have allowed you to have their contact details.  These customers can now form your mailing list and you can promote and markeet products to these customers in the future.  This will provide you with longevity and increase your sales potential.

Your list of customers have provided their contact details to you in return for a freebie.  These customers have entrusted you with this information, so it is really important that you provide a quality product in return, and hopefully, a product that has value.  This could be in the form of an e-book or download.  If you have been wondering how to build an e-mail list, look no further because there is a new guide.

Inside the List is an e-book that has been developed by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle & Carson, the Wealthy Affiliates, met at university five years ago and they set up Wealthy Affiliate, initially as a project, which is now renowned online.  They are known for providing outstanding service and quality products.

Inside the List shows you step-by-step how to build an e-mail list, first by setting up an e-mail marketing campaign; it explains the exact techniques you need to use to create a list.  It is imperative that you increase traffic to your web pages and this is covered in the guide.  E-mail or subject line conversion strategies are revealed, e-mail writing techniques can be found and it tells you how to maximize your internet business.

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Inside the List is designed with everyone in mind, so whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced marketer, all the tools are provided in Inside the List to grow your business using e-mail marketing strategies.  New techniques are included and they can be used to increase your profits as you learn how to build an e-mail list.

Inside the List is a 110-page e-book that is easy to navigate and it takes you through how to build an e-mail list from start to finish.  It is the blueprint on how to build an e-mail list because it includes every step you need to take to build an e-mail list.  If you know how to build an e-mail list you can create an army of buyers with your customers.

Your customers have provided you with their personal contact details and you need to provide something in return.  The key to building an e-mail list is providing what your customers need.  You need to provide them with a quality product.  That is why you will find included in the guide, two niche markets that you can use immediately, so the guide gets you set up and going instantly.

Please note that Inside the List is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It will not make you a millionaire overnight and it will take some time to build your e-mail list, so time is a key factor.  Don’t invest in the guide if you are looking for a quick earner.  You will need to work hard and invest some time in building your e-mail list.

Because Inside the List is a comprehensive guide that includes absolutely everything you need to build an e-mail list, some bonuses are included:

Bonus 1 – The Hottest Markets – reference guide to the 10 hottest markets and how you can promote them
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Bonus 6 – Killer Ad Writing Techniques – learn effective ad writing techniques that will put you above the rest
Bonus 7 – Creating Freeware – create a viral marketing campaign that will increase your profits

Inside the List will show you, from the beginning, how to build an e-mail list, how to maintain your list and keep your customers happy.

Learn more about how to build an email list, find the best affiliate marketing training program online and get a free Mad Marketing Method course to maximize your sales potential

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