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Big Bite – fast food takeaway in a former bank on Broad Street – green door at no 78
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Image by ell brown
This is the Big Bite fast food takeaway on Broad Street at 78 and 79 Broad Street. It used to be a Barclays Bank.

The date over the door says 1836, but Heritage Gateway says it dates from 1898. Even one of my books says 1898.

If 1898, then it was a branch of the Birmingham & District Bank.

It is a Grade II listed building.

It is on the corner of Broad Street and Sheepcote Street.

1898, by C E Bateman. Red brick and stone; green slate tiled roof with bold
straited chimneys. Three storeys plus attic; 6 bays. In an Arts and Crafts
interpretation of the late C17 style. Ground floor with banded rustication
and 4 windows and a pair of narrower windows and a subsidiary door reading
together as 2 bays. First floor with 6 tall sash windows in stone eared
surrounds with bulgy friezes and dentilled cornices and fine wrought-iron
balcony railings. Second floor with 6 almost square sash windows in stone
surrounds. In the attic 6 pedimented dormer casement windows. Elaborately
bracketted eaves cornice. The return on Sheepcote Street. Two bays wide
and similarly treated, but with a single-storeyed stone porch, triangular
in plan, set piquantly in the second bay, ie towards the Broad Street front.
Excellent detailing throughout.

Barclays Bank, 78 and 79 Broad Street – Heritage Gateway

A green door on Sheepcote Street. It is no 78 (Broad Street). One letterbox not in use.

Once you have your homepage or squeeze page built…presuming your page is designed properly…a certain percentage of people who go to that page will opt-in for your ezine, which of course is what you want. There are basically three internet marketing strategies that work for fast list building and a couple that I recommend you avoid-at least when you are just starting out.

First way to build a list

The first way to build a list is through a joint venture…or an endorsed emailing. This is a great way to generate subscribers. It is probably the best way to generate high-quality subscribers that are likely to buy from you. Just know that it also takes the most work.

Second way to grow your list

The second way is through free or paid co-registration. Co-registration is where you are literally paying per subscriber. You may be paying with money…or you may be using a service that is free…in which case you pay through points or impressions.

Third way for list building

The third method of building your list is through SEO…search engine optimization.

Some people live and die by search engines. I’m not a master of SEO…it is something I am learning more about and eventually I’ll get good at it-maybe! In the meantime, I am focusing on what I’m already good at.

You see, you don’t need to be a master at all three of these ways to grow you list. In fact, I suggest you focus on just one way to start. Get really good at that method…or find out that you aren’t good at it and try one of the other ways!

Methods for list building to avoid

Early on, before I knew any better, I tried using services that provided leads…I paid for leads…for people who were looking for business opportunities.

What a waste of time and money! Don’t do it-you’ll be wasting your time. Pretty much everyone has done it…and it is dumb…foolish…so learn from my mistakes and don’t you waste your time and money!

This next method is not a bad way to grow your list…but it is one that I would say hold on for now…and that is paid advertising. It is way less effective than doing a joint venture or co-registration. With advertising, people know they are being pitched to, so you have a much smaller percentage of people opting in. So don’t start here-after you have some success and know that your page is converting well then you can start spending money on advertising. For now you are better off spending money on co-registration!

For me, the best internet marketing strategies for building a list fast are endorsed mailings-or joint ventures and co-registration. And although I personally am not a master at SEO I know it works really, really well for other people so I am comfortable recommending it. When you are starting out, choose one of these list building methods and pretty soon you will have a really sweet list and be making money online!

Tellman Knudson is CEO of Overcome Everything. He and his team at The Listbuilding Club are passionate about teaching others the ins and outs of list building and other internet marketing strategies. Learn more about how to make money online by visiting

Email Marketing for the Broke and Not Famous: Tools & Methods for a (Virtually) Free Email List System

Email Marketing for the Broke and Not Famous: Tools & Methods for a (Virtually) Free Email List System

Email Marketing for the Broke and Not Famous: Tools & Methods for a (Virtually) Free Email List System

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